TC’s Massive Poll: Election Special

So today is the day, everywhere you look it is election this and election that and if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. We commissioned a special Nofi poll to predict the results of today’s UK general election. Unfortunately Peter still wont fork out for a swing-0-meter so it’s the trusty pie chart once more. Are we predicting a hung parliament? Actually no, it’s a landslide victory for..


Wowzers, that’s going to please Nick Clegg but what does mean to the world of gaming? Well the Liberal Democrats are backing tax relief for video game development in the UK. This should lead to more studios being set up and more jobs within the industry. However the Lib Dems do not really have a ‘game spokesperson’, the most vocal MP when it comes to video games is the Conservatives Ed Vaizey.

One issue the Lib Dems have been campaigning for is an urgent review of the Digital Economy Bill which was rushed through in the last few days of the Labour government. The Lib Dems think the bill is unjust and unfairly favoured the entertainment industry.

So will the rest of the UK agree with us? Are our predictions as accurate as Michael Pachters? Will half of the Labour party defect to the Liberal Democrats after being accused of liaising to the competition? Will Gordon Brown make a statement saying any MP who stays with Labour will get a really big bonus? Only time will tell.. around twenty four hours should do it.