Rumour: Move Priced

Possibly the biggest stumbling block facing Sony and their upcoming Move device is how the company prices the motion controller add-on. Good news for gamers, however, as according to renowned bastion of hard facts, The Sun, Sony’s Wii-rival will hit shelves at the sweet spot of “about £45.” (€52)

It makes sense for Sony to charge as little as possible for its new technology in an effort to attract a greater number of consumers and hence compete with Nintendo in the upcoming Waggle Wars™. Previous reports hinted that the Move could retail at up to £100/€115, a figure many would-be adopters were turned off by.

If The Sun’s report is accurate (and there is nothing to suggest this isn’t just wild speculation on their behalf) it looks like Sony are prepared to swallow a considerable hit in order to get as many Moves into people’s homes as possible later this year.