Trophy World 08/05/10

Welcome back to Trophy World! Another rather disappointing week I’m afraid, with just three trophy lists posted. No matter, we should see some of the trophies for May’s games soon… I hope.

Raystorm HD is an upcoming downloadable shooter that looks to please the type of people that liked games such as Soldner X and Novastrike. Looks good but I doubt it’s really my cup of tea. The trophies look insanely hard from what I can tell… “10,000 Total Lock-on Kills”? Seriously? Not a trophy hunter’s game, then.

Choice. SEGA claim that your only real weapon in Alpha Protocol is choice, and considering Alpha Protocol is a huge RPG, I’m inclined to agree. The game looks great for those that love to experiment with your RPGs and see the different outcomes for the various choices you make. Similar to Fallout 3, the trophies ask you to accomplish a variety of tasks which can be easily done if you use more than one save slot. “Thorton, Inc.” and “Hardcore” look like the hardest trophies, but who knows what all those 20 secret trophies are for…

My favourite trophy of the week is:

Burn Zombie Burn!/ Gold

Friend of d6
All Developer medals.

I recently revisited Burn Zombie Burn to try out the ‘In Space!’ DLC released last week, and I remembered this… forget doing everything on Elite in WipEout HD, forget Elite on Killzone 2, this is the hardest trophy in the world. I think maybe just one or two people in the entire world have this trophy, and that’s no joke. When the say developer medal, they really mean it. After trying for half a day, I only managed a silver medal on the first stage, let alone gold or developer. This trophy is the definition of dedication to a game. One would probably need to play for a year to perfect their strategies and skills in this game, and still you would probably just only be able to get half a developer medal. Let’s put this into perspective, here are the medal scores for the first level in free play mode:

Bronze – 250,000
Silver – 1,000,000
Gold – 5,000,000
Developer – 16,200,522