Def Jam RapStar: European Exclusives

European Hip-Hop fans are set to get territory exclusive tracks for Def Jam RapStar.

Germany, France and the UK will all see exclusive tracks from home-grown talents. Kevin Liles – CEO of Def Jam Enterprises – has stated that the game had to reflect the global appeal of Hip-Hop by including artists outside of the mainstream acts.


Each territory is creating their own movement, style, artists, and songs that resonate with the hip hop experience in their respective country. Hip Hop is global, therefore Def Jam Rapstar must also be global, and provide local content providers the opportunity to represent hip hop in their own language in their own voice.

So who will be sitting among the likes of Dr. Dre, 50 “Fiddy” Cent and Lil Wayne?

  • UK Exclusives:
    • Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up Look Sharp
    • Tinie Tempah – Pass Out
  • French Exclusives:
    • NTM ft Lord Ko – Ma Benz
    • Sefyu – Molotov 5
  • German Exclusives:
    • Sido – Mein Block (Beathoavenz remix)
    •  Kool Savas – Futurama

Def Jam RapStar is the first music game that exclusively features Hip-Hop music and will allow you to upload videos (via console camera) of your performances to the Def Jam RapStar community. As well as the standard ‘karaoke’ way of playing you’ll be able to freestyle over tracks by “some of the hottest hip hop producers”.

Who knows, you could become the next Vanilla Ice…he’s still popular, right?

Peace! Word to your mother.