Lie Detector Game From THQ

THQ have announced the hilarious idea of bringing a lie detector game to PS3 and XBox this Autumn. The game, titled “Truth Or Lies” is a casual party game that will use a microphone to analyse your voice patterns and then announces whether your pants are on fire or you are telling the truth. The game supports up to eight players in the round-table game and has a library of 3000 questions.

“Friends and family will be squirming in their seats as they answer some of the game’s silliest and most provocative questions in the new Truth or Lies video game,” said THQ, “The gameplay will lead to revealing and hilarious situations among friends and family.”

Hilarious situations! I love hilarious situations. Let’s reveal the last exciting part of the game – you can make up your own questions! Hilarious! For example:

“Have you ever cheated on me?”, “How many people had you slept with before we got married?”, “Do you fancy my sister?”, “Do you fancy me anymore?”, “Does my bum look big in this?”

I’m being rather unfair I know, I’m sure in the right the conditions this could be a good party game – just be careful to avoid the Wife + Alcohol + Lie detector combination.

Source: MCV