Red Dead Redemption Most Expensive Game?

I have some shocking news. The Daily Mail have published an article about Red Dead Redemption – a particularly violent game where murder, theft and animal skinning is rife – without claiming that playing it will cause mass murder and a Bird Flu pandemic.

Now, while you let that sink in, there is another tid-bit of information in their article. Bear in mind that this has yet to be confirmed in any official capacity and the only reason we’re bringing you this news is because, if true, it is slightly interesting.

Makers Rockstar Games are thought to have spent up to $100million on the long-awaited project.

That’s the statement in question and, again, if true, would make Red Dead Redemption the world’s most expensive game alongside Rockstar’s other fan-favourite, Grand Theft Auto IV.

Rockstar have stated in the past that this game is their “most ambitious” game to date and has even been predicted to sell between 2-4 million units; just this morning it was revealed as’s biggest-selling pre-order title of the year so far.

I’m aware that some of you are going to laugh this off, to be honest I was ready to, but any time the Daily Mail publish a story about games which isn’t hyperbolic, scare-mongering rubbish we think it’s worth a second look. If only to encourage them.

Source: The Daily Mail [via MCVUK]