First 3D Game Patches Will Be Free

We said it was coming in June way back in March, and then followed up with a list of the games that would get the 3D treatment a month later.  Initially we were told that buyers of new 3D TV sets would simply get a smattering of tech demos for their new sets, basic single level versions of Wipeout, Pain, Superstardust HD and Motorstorm, but news coming from Sony this weekend suggests there’s more treats for those with bottomless wallets.

Indeed, as if to thank early adopters, Sony are offering full upgrades to 3D versions of certain games for free – you just need to download a patch.  Which games?  Well, the same ones listed above, oddly enough: Wipeout, Pain, Superstardust HD and Motorstorm.  So, if you’ve not bought them, you’ll get demo versions, and if you have, you’ll be able to update to the full 3D super-duper versions free of charge.


“3D gaming is about to get real,” says the press release.  You know, I’m kinda tempted…