Marcus Rivers Is Kevin Butler For PSP

Recognising the instant success fictional spokesperson Kevin Butler has had on PS3 marketing, Sony will attempt to repeat the phenomenon with a mini version of the frank industry persona for its PSP brand. Continuing with the winning formula of comedy and biting satire (usually at the expense of Sony’s rivals), the pint-sized rendition is 12-year-old PSP owner Marcus Rivers.

As a way of introducing the character to the media, Marcus will appear with Kevin Butler in a new ad where the disgruntled PSP fanatic asks Butler why he’s not banging the PSP drum. A first for Butler, Marcus proceeds to leave the outspoken VP of Everything speechless as he delivers a tirade about how he can’t “rule the school bus” the way things currently stand. A side-swipe at the advent of smart-phone gaming, Marcus also talks about schooling “noob kids” playing on their phones. He promptly hires himself as a new “PSP hero, a hustler” who will take the fight to the masses.


Further ads have the Deputy of Sibling Rivalry once again belittle mobile-phone gaming by promoting the wonders of ModNation Racers on the PSP, while a future ad will see Marcus extol the virtues of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker by stating: “This ain’t like the cartoon games your six year old cousin plays. It’s a full sized Metal Gear exclusive on your PSP.”

Whether or not Marcus will be universally embraced by the public to the same degree Kevin Butler has remains to be seen, but it is positive to see Sony attempting to revitalise interest in the PSP with what is now seen as a winning tactic.

Source: Siliconera