More Killzone 3 Details Surface

Now we know it at least exists, expect the Helghast floodgates to open over the coming weeks, with more Killzone 3 information than you’ll know what to do with. We already know that jetpacks and a level with snowy conditions will feature in the upcoming inevitable sequel, but a recent preview in magazine GamePro has added some new details to the mix.

According to the reveal, we pick up with Sev and Rico immediately after the events of Killzone 2, with a regrouped Helghast army and an almost insurmountable ‘David Vs. Goliath’ task facing your ISA platoon.


The addition of jetpacks in the game is also detailed, describing the devices as “surprisingly lightweight and agile.” You won’t be alone, however, as enemies will also take to the skies to do battle with you where they’ll “light up like Roman candles” when destroyed. The snowy conditions are also expanded upon, noting how the icy action is the fourth chapter in the new game, occurring “among oilrigs and tankers embedded in glaciers as you attempt to extract a prisoner from a Helghast weapons lab.”

As previously rumoured, you’ll be able to enjoy all this in “optional” 3D. The report does mention that glasses were required but that no impact on performance was noted.

Finally, Guerrilla MD Hermen Hulst also provided more background into the evolution of the Helghast and the parallels between Helghan and Nazi Germany. Hulst stated:

“They possess a mentality that’s similar to how the Nazis viewed those not part of the Aryan bloodline. Helghast look down on humans as weak, lying and spineless. In Killzone 3, we show that even the Helghast have some humanity left in them.”

Update: Scans of the GamePro preview are now hitting the web.

Source: GamePro Via Eurogamer
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