2 Hrs Of Killzone = 1 Line Of Cocaine

Steve Pope, a counsellor and therapist up in Lancashire, UK, has claimed that two hours of gaming is the equivalent of a line of cocaine. The claims are part of a report for the Lancashire evening post which also describes:

  • A mother buying her teenage son the 18 rated Call of Duty and describing it as “It’s like I went out and bought him his first shot of whisky.”
  • Premiership footballers gripped by computer game addiction.
  • “Computer game addiction can also spiral into violence as after playing violent games, they may turn their fantasy games into reality.”

I could go on listing the utter crap they have printed, but why not click here to read it yourself. Then send your thoughts to [email protected] and maybe they will think twice before they print such sensational rubbish.

Source: GamePolitics