Killzone 3 Move Compatible

You can tell E3 is just around the corner as those pesky sources just won’t shut up at the moment. According to yet another faceless informant (this time of the C&VG variety), not only have Sony pencilled in a May 2011 release and multiple co-op modes for Killzone 3, the surreptitious shadow-whisperer also reckons Move compatibility is on the cards.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Guerrilla’s Steven Ter Heide also confirmed that there is less swearing in the sequel. You can also expect “a better story,” and in terms of improved performance, those annoying load shunts found in Killzone 2 (when the game would freeze for a second between areas) are a thing of the past. In fact, there will be no loading screens at all. The senior producer says:


“I think some of the other criticisms had to do with how seamlessly the game played – so any streaming hiccups during gameplay we want to get rid of completely – so much so that we want to completely get rid of any loading screens at all, even between the levels. So you can start up the game and play it right through to the end and never see a loading screen. You can see already, even in this build, that a lot of those problems, the little frame drops, are pretty much gone.”

Later in the interview Ter Heide confirms that some levels in Killzone 3 are ten times larger than a comparable level in Killzone 2.

Expect Sony to unload a torrent of Killzone 3 information on us at E3.

Source: C&VG