New 40nm PS3s Start Shipping

Remember those recent FCC filings which reported that brand new PS3s were in development at Sony with the new 40nm graphic chip? Well, rumour has it they’ve started shipping.

The new models, which sport a lighter, cooler RSX, are identified with the product code CECH-2101A and are apparently already in the new ModNation Racers bundles here in Europe, although we can’t confirm that.


Previous PS3s used firstly a 90nm graphics chip, then a 65nm one.  The new 40nm RSX runs cooler, is more power efficient and presumably helps Sony further reduce manufacturing costs.

What does all this mean?  It means if you were a bit weird and were waiting for these to appear on UK shelves, you can now satisfy your bizarre requirements – check that the product code is CECH-2101.  Enjoy.