X Factor Coming To PS3 & XBox

A game based on the X-Factor will be arriving on consoles before the end of the year. It is described as a ‘singing’ game so expect something akin to Lips or Singstar but with virtual Louis Walsh telling you how crap you are at the end.

The game will be released Q4 2010 across the territories which currently show The X Factor namely UK, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Georg Larch, international marketing director of publishers Deep Silver said,


“The X Factor is a truly global brand which is instantly recognisable to thousands of gamers and TV fans around the world. Deep Silver will be creating a game that is a true adaptation of the show from the hilarity of the auditions to the excitement of the live show; we will be testing the singing skills of the player and will feature the sharp critique of the judges.”

French developers Hydravision are charged with creating the game and making sure virtual Cheryl Cole is just as lovely as the real thing.

Source: MCV