PS3: Is There Anything Left For E3?

The trouble with big events like E3 next week is that you need to let some people know what you’re up to.  Not necessarily the press, but set designers, musicians, actors to prance around in hotpants – that sort of thing – and these people, despite normally signing their lives away on an NDA, are quite happy to blag about what’s coming up at the Expo this year.

Over the last year or so Sony have managed to let slip a whole manner of things – not just at E3, mind – including the PSPgo, The Last Guardian, the PSP Slim, and this year doesn’t appear to be any different.  On the surface, at least, we’ve already seen LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3 and heard plenty of murmurings about a certain off-road racer threequel.


The notion is that most (if not all) of these games weren’t meant to be revealed at E3.  They were supposed to be shown, discussed and written about before E3, and to a certain extent this probably extends to PSN Premium too, especially when you’ve got Andrew House openly mentioning it.  These, then, aren’t leaks, but carefully staged pre-E3 warm-ups.

Why?  Because it gets people talking about Sony, the PS3, and means that all the attention is on them right now.  Sure, there’s equal numbers of rumours dancing around about Natal, a possible Xbox 360 rebrand and whether or not the 3DS is going to be more powerful than God, but let’s face it – when the embargoes expired for Killzone 3, what else were you thinking about?

So what’s left for E3?  Well, that’s the trick – we don’t know.  Everyone assumed we’d be hearing about Killzone 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2 for the first time, but that’s no longer going to be the case which puts the emphasis right back on Sony to deliver brand new stuff to the table – things we haven’t heard about yet and things we simply won’t expect.

Is there anything left for E3?  Of course.  Sony want to come out on top this year, showing the world that there’s plenty of life left in the PS3 yet and that Move (which we reckon will form much of the conference) is going to be much more than just a motion controlled gimmick.  We’re hoping for Gran Turismo 5, PSP 2, new changes to the PSN Store and all the stuff we’ve already seen.

We’ll be bringing you everything from E3 right here.



  1. I really hope Vs. XIII doesn’t go multiplatform. But I do want XIV to be.
    I want my friends to see vs xiii with a hint of jealousy in them (they ALL hate ps3, I just want them to see it has that at least )
    I want XIV to be on 360 tho. The online on ps3 is just bit less user friendly (party chat)
    Live is also a little bit better overall.

    Hope we will see some “last guardian” or new psp titles, or even a whole new psp.

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