Metal Gear Solid Rising’s Box-Art

Keeping with our ongoing tradition of highlighting kick-ass box-art, check out new-kid Raiden gracing the cover of Metal Gear Solid: Rising. You know, the Metal Gear Solid without the actual Solid part.

What’s not to love? It’s got guns, a katana, and is that some sort of biomechanical spine he’s holding? I really do need to actually get around to playing Metal Gear Solid 4. No one told me it had skeletons made out of some sort of voodoo metal.


There is something that we’re not too sure about. What’s going on with Raiden’s hair? I know those Japanese kids are big into expressing themselves by preening their locks into incredible gravity-defying shapes, but that hairstyle’s bordering on Blanka of Street Fighter II fame, mate. Seriously. You wouldn’t even be able to walk around Harajuku with that do.

Thanks Daniel



  1. Meh, kinda boring.

    • Is it just me but I really find all 360 boxes look really tacky next to the smaller dimentions of the PS3 game boxes, therefore, I Bet this will look far better in a PS3 case

      • Pretty sure it’s just you :)

      • I always think that too it’s the green bar on top, this cover is terrible

      • i was saying that yesterday.

      • its probably not the final one, it looks too amatuer and isnt MGS standard.

      • agreed, also.. how do you even have “metal gear solid” without snake.. i mean.. hes the reason the word solid is even there.

      • ” how do you even have “metal gear solid” without snake.. i mean.. hes the reason the word solid is even there.”

        Metal Gear 1&2 also starred Snake, the “Solid” in “Metal Gear Solid” is referring to the Solid 3D graphics.
        At least, that’s what Hideo Kojima said, but what does he know about MGS, eh?

    • Looks less like Metal Gear, and more like Devil May Cry.

  2. Kick. Ass. I’m all for more Metal Gear, I just hope they don’t spoil the franchise by making this completely different. Or shit.

    • im just worried about what xbox’s limitations will have done to it.

  3. Sickness in Barrel!

    Cannot wait, love MGS!!!!!!

  4. This is my biggest game for the future and that looks insane. Also, considering that its still MGS without the S, it should have the MGS trademark painting box art. Like the last 4 games. I love those box arts. Best of any games ever. This should be the same.

  5. Excited, but not as excited as I am for Peace Walker. 8 days to go…

    • Not bothered by Rising until I hear more details, am too worried it will be a huge let down.
      Peace Walker on the other hand is getting great reviews and may be the reason for me to charge back up my 3000. Was concerned as to how it would play with no 2nd analogue but was pleasantly surprised by the demo. Just need a 16gb memory stick now

  6. Not too hyped with this one, never liked raiden. I want to see something before jump to conclusions though.

    Also, from the cover its seems its not going to be Natal compatible, glad kojima is not buying all this new controllers hype!

  7. Anything with the tag metal gear solid i will buy, playing through the franchise again with some mates just soo good. Reckon this will take place between 2 and 4 and should hopefully tell us why raiden became a whiney schoolgirl to a ninja badass

    • Yea thats the only hope i have for this game, that it adds to the story…. still, not really on my list to buy even though i loved the MGS series to date!

    • I reckon your totally right about the story Tem

  8. *shocked* is that a mistake?

  9. I Love MGS,

    Now everyone…where is that hype train because Ive got a one way ticket to release day

    • All aboard!

    • I think the hype train will remain in the station until a concrete release window is announced. but when that day comes…choo choo!

  10. Also, The box art will look even better on PS3. I still think it should have stayed exclusive. But, at least the Xbox fanboys can’t use Raiden as an insult anymore.

    • Stay exclusive, and sell to a small audiance, resulting in less sales i.e less money. Go multiplat, sell to a wider audiance, resulting in more sales i.e more money.

      Yeah, you’re right….wait…???

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