Criterion Countdown

We’ve known for around a year that Criterion’s next project is the next instalment of Need For Speed, a franchise which has had an identity crises in recent years lurching from street racing with a Hip-Hop vibe to an adrenaline fuelled arcade racer.

Today Criterion have replaced their usual homepage with a ‘mystery’ countdown, but  unlike an episode of 24 we believe this countdown isn’t a threat to national security, but instead when the name of the next Need For Speed will be revealed.


Normally countdowns and announcements of announcements are just an annoyance, but as Need For Speed has gone through a lot of changes recently the new name could give us a great insight into the gameplay. However, with Criterion at the helm we can be sure of two things a) It’s going to be fast and b) world class levels of vehicle damage, and if I was a betting man I’d have an each way bet on it being set in a destructible city, à la Split/Second and Motorstorm Apocalypse.

You have until Monday 10pm (UK time) to get your guesses in the comments below.



  1. Sit’s counting the minutes for the next offering from my favourite devs with eager anticipation:D

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