Kojima’s E3 Countdown

Hideo Kojima messed with our heads countless times last year in the run up to E3. Countdowns led to more countdowns, all of which ended with announcements of Metal Gear Solid: Rising and the game Kojima refers to as Metal Gear Solid 5 (Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker).

Well, E3 is next week so guess what has appeared on the Kojima Productions section on the Konami website? You guessed right, another countdown due to end in four days. That takes us until June 15th which I believe is the same day as the Sony press conference.


The site currently shows a 6 by 5 grid of small video clips. All of them show something being sliced. To be honest I don’t have a clue what it has to do with, so far my best guess is a director’s “cut”. I guess we’ll find out at E3 next week.

Source: Kojima Productions



  1. MGS4 Director’s Cut? What could they possibly add??

    I hope it’s something to do with HD remakes of the original 3… :)

    • Trophies!

      • If it had trophies i would buy the game again for them.

        It might also have to do with MGS Rising seen as the main character is a ninja, slicing stuff etc.

    • I really do think a special edition is likely. All three other console MGS games have had them in some respect (MGS was remade as Twin Snakes, and 2 & 3 got expanded editions). An MGS4 remake would have to have trophies by ‘Sony Law’. A cutscene theatre is a staple for the special editions. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw new face camos (Naomi and Ocelot at least, please!) and camouflage patterns, including all the online ones. My most outlandish prediction would be the opposite of MGS3: Subsistence; a camera system similar to the original three games. But I don’t think they’ll do it to be honest, would be too difficult to implement properly.

      HD ‘remakes’ of the original three (MGS: Twin Snakes, MGS2 and MGS3) are almost certainly going to come out sooner or later, such is the public outcry for them. Saying that though, fanboys like me have been begging Kojima for nearly two years for a trophy update.

  2. Maybe Snake is now in a retirement home and needs all his food sliced up for him?

  3. MGS4 Director’s Cut = MGS4 Subsistience

    • with the sliced food being shown, it should be MGS4: Sustenance

  4. Bits of writing show up but the screens go fuzzy, will probably spell out something.

  5. Best thing since sliced bread…

  6. Wonder if this director’s cut will be coming to 360…

    • Unlikely. Kojima has already said previously he couldn’t do MGS4 multiplatform. Plus when you think about it, half the cast would have to come back to re-record anything they say that refers to button-commands. But stranger things have happened. I still hope they don’t do it, simply because as long as MGS4 remains a PS3 exclusive it still tempts one of my mates into getting a PS3. Don’t wanna lose that hook!

  7. It seems fair that Kojima would consider re-releasing his past masterpieces in HD, since Sony seems very eager to release old classics.

    Putting my money on MGS1, 2 and 3 in Blu-Ray.

  8. If it is MGS3 Re-Made, then i will literally implode. It would be the best news Ever in the history of the universe.

    • If they do remake MGS3 they should make it possible to obtain all the rankings, like in MGS4. I’d be very happy to play it however many hundreds of hours it would take to get all of them.

  9. It’s probably about Rising again. Maybe Raiden used his culinary skills to get Sunny from the Patriots? Or maybe he had learned it from one of this training sessions roaming the Earth after? Still, it would be awesome if it was a special edition of MGS4, maybe with Metal Gear 1&2 on the disk again? Or trophy support?

  10. I had to reverse engineer the flash :P
    But it’s too bad that there’s not much to see. Only parts of the Kanji-character flashing between the videos. Kanji character that I can’t even recognize :/

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