Rumour: New Wii To Go Hi-Fi?

According to French site, Nintendo’s next console will be dubbed “Wii Hi-Fi” (not Wii HD) and is set for a reveal during the company’s E3 conference next week.

We don’t normally cover Nintendo consoles here on TSA, but claims from the French site that the new machine will reach Xbox 360 levels of visuals make a very clear ping on our radars.

Here’s what are citing (albeit translated into English) as the main differences between the Wii and whatever the follow-up will be:

  • It should be on par with the 360
  • It should not be called Wii 2 but Wii HiFi
  • It will be very online-oriented this time
  • Community aspects will be a big component
  • It should be out around November 2011

Naturally, this is all hearsay and rumours just now, we’ve certainly not heard anything on this ourselves but if it’s true it’s basically what we’d expect Nintendo to do next, anyway.

Hopes are high for the big reveal of a new Zelda title from the Japanese company next week.

Via GAF.



  1. OMG, first they copy Move with their waggle thing, now they’re copying HD too. Sheesh, when will Ninty ever invent something new!? ;) (<—note: obvious wink)

  2. like for crying out loud they make wii’s and loads of people buy it but then in 2011 their gonna bring out a new one if its better kids will ask and if they have the one now then the parents will say no like come on they could wait until 2020.

  3. They should split their console division into two groups. One for a new HD console, and another one for the casual market. I’d like that.
    I think a Wii with the power of a 360 at the end of 2011 is a stupid idea. They should have already release an HD console by now or just wait until the end of 2011 and release something with more power than the currend HD generation.

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