Killzone 3 Gameplay Trailer

You can’t fault Sony – Killzone 3 looks like it’s going to appeal directly to the hardcore Killzone fans. Crashed dropships, camping Helghasts and snow that’d make even Drake shiver.

This brand new trailer, released onto GameTrailers minutes ago, shows off the new melee moves, the jetpacks and at least one ridiculously massive gun.  Pretty much exactly what we wanted, then.




  1. Spectacular Epic Trailer, loving it :D. Looking forward to playing this!

    • It wasn’t epic, it was actually pretty short.

  2. Wow, I don’t think there’s gonna be jetpacks in the MP though, seems somewhat, overpowered.

    But anyway, MGS boss battle music anyone?

    • yeah i was going to say that, plus riding the jetpacks looks like mantis

  3. You won’t kidding about the gun =)

    • Too many games are lacking the good old BFG!!

  4. Do want. That gameplay trailer was epic.

  5. Looks awesome in 2D, lets keep it that way!
    Really hope they make the MP a bit more accesible this time around, good matchmaking and balancing will make a huge difference, for me anyway.

  6. Shouldn’t sev wear at least a jacket? It’s cold in there.

    • because he’s a man, man

      • the helghast are men too but they got their jackets y’know?

    • LOL! He’s a macho man!

  7. I await the spoilt brats and their ‘it looks crap comments’ from other gaming forums.

    IMO looks bloody superb, KZ2 is rated in my top 5 MP FPS of all time and i’ve been playing since Quake 3, awesome!

  8. Simply Wow. Can’t wait for this next instalment.

  9. Hahaha!


    Great trailer too. Some lovely visuals and the jet packs looked very mean!

  10. I’m nearly 40 yet I feel my entire brain regressing into a pitch of obsessive teenage excitement over this video ;-)

    • *covers sofa in plastic-wrap for hiab’s impending loss of bladder control*

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