Sony To Reveal New Hardware At E3?

Sony, despite apparently showing most of their good stuff over the last few weeks, clearly have some bombs still to drop next week when E3 kicks off for proper, like.  Their uncanny ways of being the centre of attention for the last month has proven their marketing bods to be worth every penny, but with E3 still a day or two away they’re not done yet with the teases.

A new page on the US PlayStation site has saved the best for last.  Sure, we’re all hoping for PSP2, but Sony have decided that they want to make the internet chatter come alive just one last time.  “Meet us here to find out what awesome PlayStation games and hardware are being revealed,” says the page, which also confirms that Move, 3D and GT5 will be the focuses of the show.


It’s either this, or this.  Right?  Anyway, the whole think kicks off in just under 48 hours, and we’ll have everything, here.

Via PushSquare.



  1. Possibly something to do with that ‘PlayView’ trademark or whatever it was? I doubt it would be an updated PlayTV as I would of thought something like that would be announced at a Euro event. Maybe the NA equivalent then.

  2. The V-Screen (RealView Innovations)for the PSP could be interesting. It’s meant to give the screen more depth, described as being between 2D and 3D.

  3. would love to see psp 2 with touch screan and the ability to put ur sim card in

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