DC Universe Online E3 Trailer

As you’re probably aware Microsoft have been in the spotlight a lot today following their Kinetic show last night and E3 keynote presentation today, but not to be outdone Sony keep lining up the hits in advance of their own keynote tomorrow.

This time it’s the turn of DC Universe Online, which will be available later this year on PC and exclusively for consoles on the PS3.


Source: EU Blog



  1. I want.

  2. While on the subject of Fantasy games,the abcense of FFVXIII at MS press con,do you think that means it’s still exclusive?

    • I thought that, yes… if they were gonna announce it they would have

      • It never was for 360. Square Enix have said before that it’ll stay a PS3 exclusive.

  3. This is paid monthly right?

    • I hadn’t thought about that so Ive just researched it and nothing has been officially announced as yet, however the question has been asked and its been SOE have avoided committing to how it will actually work. If it comes out as a monthly subscription then this will jump from being my most anticipated to my least wanted. I don’t do subscription gaming

      • It’ll probably be free with micro transactions, like Free Realms

    • it’s possible, a premium mmo like this, i’d expect a subscription fee.
      if it’s good enough i’ll pay it, i spent a good year and a half on city of heroes and nearly a year playing wow.

  4. *dreul* cooool Looks terrific lol

  5. OH!!! Hell yeah, I cant wait to play a game in which Superman isn’t shit

  6. Not sure about this……….

  7. now that’s what i’m talking about.

  8. Actually, wow.

  9. It’s Ps2 all over again!
    They could have done a lot better visually…

  10. this looks like poop.

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