Fallout: New Vegas Dated

Bethesda have confirmed the release date for Fallout: New Vegas.

The highly anticipated next instalment in the Fallout franchise will hit European shores on October 22nd.


Bethesda have already announced various pre-order packs as well as a rather luxurious Collector’s Edition of the game.

We were lucky enough to get a preview of Fallout: New Vegas last month but this week will see more information on Obsidian’s latest as E3 gets into full swing…like this brand new gameplay trailer:



  1. This is gonna be game of year, no doubt about it

    • ehh no.Their will be so many better games this year than this game.

    • Lots of doubt about it.

    • Naah. I reckon it’ll be a game we don’t know about yet. It’s way to early to call GOTY.

    • Nah that’s Super Mario Galaxy 2 ;)

    • As long as it doesn’t suffer the glitches of Fallout 3.

    • I dont think theres been enough development graphics wise which could shoot it down because apparently its the same as fallout 3.
      But if they pull the gameplay off, it could possibly, but if GT5 is out, im thinking that could top it, or possibly COD/MOH (IMO)

    • loads of games brought game of the year editions out this year.. kinda takes the gloss off it really.

  2. Lets just hope it doesn’t have the glitches of Fallout 3. That would be a MAJOR problem for them.

    • I have a feeling that it still will. Looks good though.

      • yeah it looks just like a typical Fallout game. I dont want it to be ruined by freezing every 5 seconds, then having crazy layer glitches with all the terrain. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Exactly. I’m going to wait until I know for sure about the glitches before I buy it.

    • I never actually experienced major glitches, just normal stuff which happens in games. Only crashed once when trying to open a door, and cod’s crashed more than that. However a behemoth did get stuck in the ground at evergreen mills lol, just pulled out a whacking thing and started punching it.

  3. looks alri, the graphics are a bit poor. love the music, all you need now is a fridge to hide in from a nucleur bomb. for some reason this reminds me of nuclear bomb test sites. ????

    • i cant imagine why?!!?!?!?

      • i know poor comment, when i see fallout the first thing i think of is hills have eyes. :D

  4. Ok am I the only one actually hyped for this? lol

  5. i love fallout and i can’t wait for this game.

  6. Robots with Hats Sold. October date should give me enough time to save for the collectors edition

  7. Im not gonna have time for this. COD and GT5 is enough time taken, fallout is gonna require too much time off me and I think it will have an effect on my education.
    I would love this game, and if only they released it before the summer holidays so I have enough time to play it, because next year il be struggling to get through COD and GT5 I recon.
    But i really want it as FO3 was unbelievable and wanted more!!!! :'(
    Why am I in education!!!!!!!!! (and if I hear the lincoins repeater is in the game, just kill me)

  8. One of the only games I will ever pre-order, it’s going to be worth full price.

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