Where To Watch The E3 Conferences

E3 can be a confusing time when you’re having to work out who’s streaming what and what time stuff’s on, so here’s a helpful cut out and keep* reminder so you can be sure you’re not missing anything.

What time are the big shows on?

  • Microsoft Press Conference
    Monday, June 14th – 18:30 UK Time (other regions)
  • Nintendo Press Conference
    Tuesday, June 15th, 17:00 UK Time (other regions)
  • Sony Press Conference
    Tuesday, June 15th 20:00 UK Time (other regions)

And the publisher events?

Who’s streaming it?

We’ve not quite nailed down our plans for liveblogging and so on, but we’ll update you as soon as we get it all sorted out and decide what’s best for the site given our resources.

Thanks to GAF for some of the dates and times.

* don’t.


  1. Lovely, thanks for this boys, gonnas be a heady couple of days

  2. If you’re in the US, Microsoft are actuall broadcasting their conference on 2 TV channels (Spike & MTV) and on the massive screen in Times Square. If you miss those they are then broadcasting highlights later on 5 other channels… Now that’s how you launch a new product.
    Now, to work out the best crappy stream to watch Sony’s on.

    Also most stuff ends up being streamed on justin.tv and Ustream.com (who have an iPhone app for those of us who may not be in front of a computer)

    • The Xbox conference will be on Fox8 in Australia (if you have cable) too. Though how interesting it will be is debatable.

      • Last years MS conference was a lot of distractions, and not much substance; so far this year it seems to be much of the same thing, but we’ll find out soon enough.

    • The amount of coverage Microsoft have got set for their conferences is insane. They’re also showing video from last night’s Kinect event on MTV and Nickelodeon on Tuesday. Not sure how to get that in the UK, although I imagine Xbox.com will be showing it.

      • Destroctoid have some vids on their site now, just watched the Star Wars bit, where you get to see 1.2 secs of gameplay in a 3min long video of elephants & circus performers and shit

  3. If you are in retail, you can register on the microsoft expertzone site and the MS stuff is supposed to be streaming live to that site. (even supermarket employees can sign up)

  4. The PlayStation Blog is also streaming it, you missed it off the list.

  5. bookmarked. thanks for this, all that time conversion usually just confuses me so this is a great help.

    • second that. looking forward to it.

  6. Very helpful TSA. Much obliged.

  7. Sony’s 5am on Wednesday for me. Guess I’ll just come on here to find out what was said after I wake up.

  8. There was a countdown to the MS press conf on Gamespot… finished about 20 mins ago but now it just says “We’ll be with you shortly”..
    It must have been a mistake if it’s not actually on til 6.30pm our time..

    • I’m guessing the web app read you time, but not your time zone.

  9. I hope Ubisoft this year is more intresting then last year. In fact I bet a Ubisoft shareholder meating (AGM) would be more intresting that Ubi did last year at E3.

    This how went last year
    Ubi spent lot of money on other business.
    We own CGI business, and cost Ubi loads, ain’t we clever.
    Some really rubbish comedian who bomb every time went on.
    Long lecture on Avator, no video just director nonsense.
    We make games, lets talk about DS/Wii games about 30 minutes worth.
    1 minute out 70 about XBox,PS3 games.

    • Yeah, I can’t believe I stopped up to watch Ubisoft last time… The highlight was Cameron talking about Avatar and all we got to see was a fucking logo, and listen to him drone on about how good the game was going to be as it had been in development for about 3-4 years rather than the usual 9 months a movie tie-in takes, and then loads of DS Imagine games

  10. Ah, bugger. I game on a Tuesday night (9pm onwards) but will catch up with Sony’s presentation after midnight.

    Hope they all have great presentations and that everyone’s happy this week. Sleepless times for TSA staff!

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