Amazon Lists Uncharted 3

Odd.  The French Amazon site is listing Uncharted 3 and The Team Ico Collection, both with release dates of 2011 – Uncharted in October and Ico in June.  Neither of these has been officially confirmed by Sony (and Uncharted 3 hasn’t even been mentioned) so we’re assuming these are just placeholders.

Still, you know – Uncharted 3 would be lovely, wouldn’t it, but I can’t see that release window holding true.  The shopping site is also listing Quantic Dream’s Horizon.





  1. I think they are probably just like us on that. Certain it is coming even if no one has officially said anything

  2. Nolan North has spoken about Uncharted 3, voice work started in January.

    Horizon would be a good game to unveil tonight.

    • looking forward to horizon, heavy rain was great.

      uncharted 3, im getting excitted even though it hasnt even been confirmed :)

      does anyone know any possiblilties about its story??

      • You don’t use the controller, you run around as Drake using your hands to shoot guns!

        Pew pew pew!

      • that would be fun. and no press x for JASON in horizon, if its like taht

  3. Team ICO + UC3 could be revealed tonight then…

  4. I think the Uncharted 3 date, although seemingly speculative, could be about right. There was a two year gap between the first two games being released in 2007 and 2009, and October 2011 would be another two years down the line.

    • yes and they r usually in october,

      • wait there just a point,

        as there has been a large gap between motorstorm pr and res2 do u think they could be for a realease date this year espicially motorstorm as the last of the series was realeased back in november 08 and res 2 in december 08, it could be a possiblitly. ???? surely thats enough time.

  5. :( Waaaaaaa you ruined the surpwises Waaaaa you poo head

    • What surprise? We all knew, or at least suspected it was going to happen :P


  6. Would have thought the Ico Collection would be this year, given that The Last Guardian’s expected for 2010 still.

    I can see UC3 being for Oct 2011. After all, UC1 to UC2 was 2 years, and that added MP, co-op etc. etc. KZ2 to KZ3 is 2 years. Insomniac works on a bi-annual schedule for their franchises. Motorstorm, LBP…
    Everything works on 2 years. So, UC3, which won’t be announced for aaaages yet, I’d expect in Winter 2011.

    • Agreed, matey. Ico seems way off but Uncharted 3 for Christmas time next year sounds lovely! Let’s be fair. Other than a quick tidy-up here and there, they have the graphical platform to simply dive into another great game.

  7. Did anyone have U3 for E3 this year in their predictions?

    • Not as a predictions, but I had a slim hope for it. If it’s a october 11 release, they might wait until early 2011 to announce it.

    • yups me. uncharted3 is the ONLY game nobody is talking about. no tweets, no blogs, no nothing. so it must be true (I hope ;-) )

  8. You gotta be kidding me, I’m not over uncharted 2 yet

  9. Uncharted is easily one of my favourite series of all time but a October 2011 date seems to be too early. That means 3 games in the space of 4 years. Its too much.

    Let the franchise rest after U2 so ND can work on something new and take a break and let people realise and get hyped for a new entry in 2012.

    I dont want Drake to become a cash cow, no matter how much I love the games!

    • longer than four year because you’re including the development time of 2 and 3 but not 1. It will be more like 5-6 years.

      but yeah, in terms of release date 4 years

    • I’d love it if they work on Jack & Daxter, concider it a break.
      I Can’t think of a way they could improve upon U2, so no matter how good U3 is, Some people are gonna be dissapointed, This is mohannad calling from the future :)

      • Is that a new IP with Jack Tretton and Kevin Daxter-i mean Butler? ;)

        Only kidding, +1 to what you really meant.

  10. I agree, let naughty dog start something new (or re-boot crash:P) and then come back to it. I love the uncharted series too much for them to just turn it into a cash cow!

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