FW 3.40 Imminent

It’s recently been announced that PlayStation Plus will be hitting us on June 29th. Well, if that’s the case, Firmware 3. 40 is imminent.

As detailed by the PlayStation Plus website, you will need “Minimum System Software: 3.40” in order to access the latest feature for the PlayStation Network. So, in the next week or two, then.


Thanks, Ben



  1. Damn you ben!, I was too slow

    • Haha. Maybe next time ;P. Forgot to put my TSA ID in the email – whoops :).

  2. Cross-game voicechat confirmed as well!

    Originally, this page (http://nl.playstation.com/playstationplus) looked like this (except for the red border of course): http://www.caemgen.nl/crossgamevoicechat.jpg

    Notice the part about cross-game voicechat: “Cross-game Voice Chat: invite your friends to chat online no matter what game you’re all playing, even if they aren’t members of PlayStation Plus.”

    The bullet got pulled afterwards though…
    Maybe it got delayed again?

    • I can indeed confirm this as well. I saw it on the dutch site and saw it on several others as well, it’s still on the danish site though: http://dk.playstation.com/playstationplus/
      Man why did it get pulled, they didn’t write it down there for nothing, just mention it already SONY

    • Why is the whole thing in Dutch except for that line? Very odd, but I wouldn’t rule out staff stupidity.

    • Is that genuine? Odd that the entire site is in Dutch but the bit about cross-game chat is all in English?

      • I myself saw it as well, i went to the dutch site and saw it. So i’m not sure what was going on there.

  3. Think I read the 22nd as the release date for 3.40, can’t remember where I read it though.

  4. Thanks Ben? I posted first! :(

  5. Bring it on, looking forward to my 3 months free.

    I can imagine it will pay for itself very quickly indeed, so hopefully there are some similar discounts online as there is for Live Gold

  6. Yo, where’s my credit? I posted this news first…

    • Do you have access to their News Tip’s inbox?

      • not a clue man all I know is I sent an e-mail and posted it first in the comments section…not a big deal, just some recognition is always nice you know?

      • where is this elusive inbox?

      • The News Tips email address is in the footer of the website (on the right).

  7. 3 months free = awesomes :)

    • And how are you getting 3 months free?

      • They said in the E3 announcement that they’re giving everyone 3 months free to try it.

      • “A one-year subscription will run you $49.99, while a three-month subscription will cost $16.99. SCEA is also running a “limited time offer” giving subscribers 3 free bonus months for signing up for a 365-day subscription.”

  8. According to the PlayStation UK site, it says that PlayStation Plus starts 29th June. So I guess thats when the next firmware will be available too?


  9. I wonder if this FW update will include anything non Plus related?

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