Heavy Rain: Move Edition

In a press release issued this morning, Sony have listed all the first and third party titles currently locked for PlayStation Move support.  There’s some obvious, known ones like Sorcery, SingStar Dance and SOCOM 4 but there’s at least one in there that Sony didn’t really focus on last night: Heavy Rain.

Yep, listed in amongst the others is what appears to be a special edition version of Quantic Dream’s unique, challenging adventure. 

It’s listed simply as Heavy Rain Move Edition but we’re told it’s actually going to be a free patch, that’s released in October this year, which is a pleasant surprise and sure to be one of the most interesting uses of the Move controller.


  1. It’s a free patch. IGN listed this yesterday and it’s due for an October release.

    • Ta.

      • i actually still have the game, so this will be good, thanks

    • Oooh, this is good news, I’ve only played the prologue so far so I might now hold off (shouldn’t be too hard lol) until Move is available.

  2. I’ve been waiting for move to come out to play this!

    But still no wireless PS Eye?!?!

    • Wireless PS Eye?! For something that sits atop your telly and doesn’t move, with the cable going down the back? And do you realise the bandwidth required for that, and the stupidly short battery life it would have? I don’t think any tech could cope with uncompressed live 30fps 640×480, and it’d just be another lag factor.

      By the way, if you were joking, sorry, I’m a poor judge of cyber-sarcasm.

      • No I am being serious. My TV is wall mounted, and the PS3 is a 4 day camel ride from the screen so its not convenient. Apparently USB has a max length of 5M and its definately more than that.

  3. I swear they said it.

  4. It’s good that it’s a free patch, but I’m not sure if I’d want to play Heavy Rain again having played it multiple times for the All Endings trophy. A nice option though for anyone who hasn’t already played the game.

    • I imagine Quantum Dream are doing it to get used to working with Move. Then they can use it for Horizon

  5. kl. i like the looks of this

  6. I was planing on playing it again this summer, but now I’m gonna wait :D

  7. Great, this game is sat in my untradeable section – will be fun to play with move – bet the fight sections are good….

  8. Let’s be honest it /is/ a Move game

  9. I’m now glad I’ve only completed it once. And love the fact that I already own titles that will work with Move with out having to buy more games.

  10. Sweet, i have a couple of endings to see yet.

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