inFamous 2 E3 Trailer

Here it is, complete with newly hirsute and tattooed Cole. This just went live over on the PlayStation blog along with some other details such as the fact that Cole will be trying to build his powers after starting the game as a full-on super hero and finding a reason to get stronger.

inFamous 2 is set in the steamy Southern US city of New Marais which has been heavily influenced by New Orleans. Look out for the ice.



  1. dont like the new cole :(

    • i don’t know if i simply didn’t get all the latest info… but! did anyone mention that the new character is called cole? maybe it is a completly new person… or you can create your own character, cause the guy doesn’t look similar to the artworks released a few days ago… so i think we have to wait and see about this one ;)

      • its the same guy they changed the voice actor and the look to make him more likable they said

  2. Not sure if I like the new Cole. Seems like the love child of Faith from Mirror’s Edge and Nathan Drake. The new city looks good though, the last was all a bit grimy and underpopulated with bland NPCs. It looks like this city might have a bit more life in it to destroy (or save, whatever).

    • he really does! i never noticed that before

  3. What, are they trying to make a Drake copy? I personally liked the gruff, badass Cole just the way he was…

  4. I’m not keen on the new Cole either, but would it put you off playing?
    Not a jot, I imagine.

    • Good point, although continuity is important to many. Even if Uncharted 3 had the best gameplay of all time (which it may), I would still be a bit put off if Drake was a giant talking shoe all of a sudden.

      Bad example. You get my drift though.

      • I think I would enjoy Uncharted even more if Drake was a giant talking shoe. Voodoo curse perhaps?

      • Hmm… Good point. Uncharted 3: The Legend of the Cursed Shoe. Listening, Naughty Dog?

      • Nathan Drake is. . . A Carrot!

      • Rated PG-13.

  5. Yeah echoing the sentiments above that the new Cole seems like a bit of a wet blanket. The old Cole was incredibly wooden but the sort of fitted who he was. Considering all the crap he went through in the last game there’s little reason for him to be making quippy (crappy) one-liners. Also his nice guy persona better not stop there from being a Good/Evil choice.

    Oh and one other thing. Are we assuming this is going to start the story line revealed in inFamous or do we think that that might be like a final part of the trilogy as this is more leading up to it?

  6. hhhmm…I dunno maybe I was expecting too much from the first trailer. It needed more intensity, more showing off, more electric! This one was far too static for me :P

  7. Don’t like the new Cole. I’ll still like playing it, but they should have atleast rename him. Cole was bad ass, this Cole is borderline Jonas Brothers.

  8. Love the new Cole, love the look of the game!

    Cannot wait!

  9. Continuity has really been stuffed for me with the new Cole, looks awful, sounds worse. Its put me off big style, what are Sucker Punch thinking? Even if the voice was the same. Guted. Plus since when did Water (ice) and electricity mix? Dear me….

    • yeah i’m very worried about this one. i’ll have to wait and see if they pull it off. not looking good though. seems like they’ve changed to much

    • I’m with you there man. I mean if you look at it as a new game, then it looks good, but when you think that this is number 2 in the series, then it’s a turn off.

      • i’m hoping it’ll be like resistance 2 and prove me wrong

  10. I don’t like this fratboy-esque Cole. I’m gonna do the evil path first just in case it lets me play as a more INfamous Cole rather than FAMOUS AND LOVIN’ IT NOW ON MTV Cole.

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