PlayStation Plus: The FAQ

PlayStation Plus: it’s fresh, added value stuff for PlayStation fans who want a little bit more from the otherwise free PlayStation Network.  But the information around is a little big confusing, and incomplete.  Sure, there’s press releases, but these don’t always make it through to the public intact, and whilst over on the EU Blog James Thorpe is answering as many questions as his little fingers can reply to, there’s a lot to get through.

So, in the interests of simplicity, we’ve rounded up most of what’s important about PlayStation Plus so you can get a quick look at everything the brand new subscription service offers.

How much does it cost?

It’s €14.99 / £11.99 for 90 days and €49.99 / £39.99 for a whole year’s subscription.

What are the main features?

Monthly discounts on PS3 and PSP games, 4 free games a month, automatic downloading of patches and updates, and the ability to trial new games.  More information here.

Does PlayStation Plus include Cross Game Chat?

No.  The official line from Sony is that PlayStation Plus includes “games & special offers, full game trial and automatic downloads,” but we’re told that the service will “evolve over time” and that “anything they add will be a bonus.”

What happens to the content you get once your subscription ends?

Anything you buy with the exclusive discounts including exclusive add-ons, avatars and themes will be yours to keep.  If you sign up for a year and download LittleBigPlanet, that’s yours to keep too.

However, the content you get for free (or, at least, included within the price) with the service, such as the minis and so-on will only work as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus.

Do you get your games back if you re-subscribe at a later date?


Which European territories won’t be able to sign up for PlayStation Plus?

The only territories that have access to the Store but will miss out on PlayStation Plus are Turkey and Russia.

Will there be new features in the future for PlayStation Plus members?

Again, we can only quote the official line: Sony “will always be working on evolving the service.”

What’s the ‘full game trial’?

It’s an hour’s rental, included within the PlayStation Plus price, for new PS3 games.  You’ll get to demo the full game for 60 minutes, and if you decide not to buy it after that you still get to keep any Trophies you have earned, although they won’t be unlocked unless you buy the game.

Will it be all games available on the Store for Plus members as they’re released?

No.  Sony will “select the best Blu-ray and PSN titles for the trial”, giving 2 different titles each month.

What games do you get included with the fee each month?

There are four games every month: 1 PSN PS3 game, 2 PSP/PS3 minis and a PS-One classic.

What firmware version does PlayStation Plus require?

3.40, which will be released, as far as we know, next week.

Do European gamers get the 3 free months like the US gamers do?

No.  The US PlayStation Plus gamers get 15 months for the price of 12, but European gamers get LittleBigPlanet instead.

Can you, for example, sign up in December and get the previous five month’s worth of games for free?

No, you must be signed up for that month to get that month’s games.

Does each PSN account on the PS3 require PlayStation Plus membership to play the included games?

No, as long as it’s the master account, the sub accounts should be able to play the “majority” of the games.

Will my PS3 automatically shut-down after it’s automatically downloaded any patches and updates?

Yes. The PS3 will “automatically wake up, download, then shut down afterwards,” and you can also set the time it wakes up to best suit you.

Which games will it automatically patch and update?

The system looks at the last 10 games you’ve played, and then “the 10 before that”.

Will it update games from any region?

Sony say they “don’t see why it wouldn’t.”

What will the discounts be like for existing games?

Sony say the discounts “largely range between 20 and 50% and they vary by title”.

Can I play the minis and PS-One classics from PlayStation Plus on my PSP?

Yes, although your PSP will need to go online once to confirm you’re a PlayStation Plus member.

All answers are taken from the replies on the EU Blog.  TheSixthAxis is not responsible for any errors or omissions.


  1. little big confusing :)

    • what? it much clearer now, ???

  2. I think i’m gonna hold off until we start to see what games appear in the free and discount features.

    • Think im gonna do the same. Shame because if X-game chat was available I probably would’ve subscribed right away.

      • Agreed 100% with that. I was really excited to see if cross game would have come up, but nope :( I don’t get why Sony cant do it. Or if they can why wont they give it to us?

    • i know what you mean, but as any grand opening they’ll be things there you wont get again. as it happens does anyone know this kicks off?

      • for someone like me who hasnt bought any psn games, minis, ps1 classics, has to wait ages for updates, and doesnt have little big planet. i see this as a very good thing and reasonable price, sorry i dont really care about cross game chat because i jsut go on the same game as my friends or send a message, i dont care about it. i will be signing up staright away on the 29th!

      • 29th cheers, you have to download bf1943 off psn! its a must

  3. Now i know you get the stuff back if you re-register, the only thing stopping me is the actual content that’s being ‘pushed’ instead of having a bonus or tokens to spend as you want. Will seriously have to give it more thought.

    • Ok, i think i’m liking it a bit more now. I think if they had never mentioned the 4free games it would have had more instant appeal for me. Seeing the choice offered for the launch definitely put me off but then i’ve bought over 75 games from the store so i’m probably going to see a lot of games i already own appear as freebies :(
      But i just can’t stop buying the blimmin things so it does make sense for the discounts and i like the other features so i think i might go for it after all.
      Thanks for gathering all the info from the blog into a nice informative article.

  4. Sounds like a good Christmas pressie.

  5. “However, the content you get for free (or, at least, included within the price) with the service, such as the minis and so-on will only work as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus.”

    This just kills it.

    So the main point of this is to pay every month to get discounts on stuff? i dont think its worth the money.

    • still not sure on this. Seems a bit pointless, all for a discount on some PSN games, free games that you can’t keep after it finishes and an hour long trial on 2 games Sony pick per month.
      Worth £40 a year? No.

      • Some people rent games for far more than this. For the price of 1 game, you get 48 to play.
        Anyway, how often do you go back to a game after you’ve finished it?

      • they aren’t full games though. Just minis and the odd PSN game. Not many are worth playing anyway. I dunno, for me it seems a waste, I’m sure many people will like the idea of it who play lots of different games.

      • of course its worth it! £40, 50% off 2 games you got your money back, 4 psn games your money back even 20% off you get 5 games… guess what you get your money back. £40 is what 8 mcdonalds trips. and we all know you spend more than that fatty!

      • …did…


        did you really just call Bilbo “fatty”?

        …the fuck?

      • What’s wrong with Dizappear? Had a bad day or something, eh?

      • dizappear – you are bang out of order, fella. Grow-up and pop your brain into gear before mouthing off like that.

      • i wasnt kicking off, just showing logic behind the £40 outlay, as for bilbo, it wasnt a dig at him just a general reflextion of PS3 nut myself included,( wiping the grease off my keyboard) that we like Mcdonalds. chill homies

    • No, you pay the lump sum for the 3 months/year, then you get 4 free games each month (which they’ve picked beforehand) in addition to a store discount.
      Supposedly it’s a few hundred quid’s worth of games across the year, and then, presumably a percentage off whatever you buy on the store.

      In terms of numbers, it’s a good deal, but if it’s of value to you is obviously another matter. Which is why it’s a good thing the baseline PSN will remain free.

      • Well put, i think its good value, what do you get for a xbox live fee? is it littered with as many bonuses?

      • XBL gives you online gameplay which IMO is more consistent than the PSN. Cross-game chat and discounts on a game or games of their choice.
        PS+ does appear to offer better value but it depends on how many of the games they are going to be giving away that you own. FOr me I already own LBP and Wipeout HD so this month doesn’t have much to offer me.

  6. it’s a shame it has to be LittleBigPlanet, don’t get me wrong it’s a great game.. but i already have it :/
    it’s free though, so not exactly the end of the world for me

  7. Sounds good.
    Actually would quite enjoy having LBP on my HDD for keeps. It’d be nice if they made the occasional full game for keeps in this style. Or let you pick one of the subscription games to keep.
    Either way, anyone getting PSN+ is going to want a bigger HDD…

  8. Well that’s cleared any questions I had about the service. Sold!

    • Me too, I’ve been very skeptical and have been holding off giving thoughts or opinions but this has made up my mind entirely. Day 1 for me.

    • Me too, day one subscription.

  9. I see the free games like a rental service, except the games are chosen for you. If you use discounted PSN cards you’ll probably pay about £2.70 a month (about the price of one mini).

    It’s the access to 4 more games each month and the discounts that make me interested. I’d probably give at least one mini a try each month so this seems good value to me. I’m sure there will be games I already own included but it’ll only need one I haven’t to cover the cost.

  10. “Can I play the minis and PS-One classics from PlayStation Plus on my PSP?

    Yes, although your PSP will need to go online once to confirm you’re a PlayStation Plus member.”

    Does that mean you need to go online once everytime you start the game, or only once when you put it on the PSP and it sets an expire date or something?

    If I can put those minis on my PSP and never have to go online after that one time (because is expires on the enddate of PS+) than it is fine by me, not so sure if it isn’t….

    • It’ll probably need to go online to update the credentials just like with the normal games you buy from PSN. If your PSP doesn’t have the correct credentials your purchased game won’t play either. I think it shows a message that you need to go online and register that PSP with your account.
      Remember you can register up to 5 PSP to your account.
      That made it much cheaper for my wife and me. Now we only need to buy one copy of a game to play adhoc instead of 2 copies when it’s only on UMD.

      • Yeah you are probably right with that
        Have the same thing, my girlfriend has my previous PSP :)

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