Xbox 360 Slim Will Never Show RRoD

The infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ will never happen on the new Xbox 360 Slim. Many an Xbox owner has experienced the three red lights that signal an Xbox’s demise but this is a thing of the past. Not because the new system can’t ‘die’ but because they have removed the red lights.

Technology is temperamental. We all know it and we’ve all experienced it in some annoyingly frustrating way. The Xbox 360 Slim may still encounter technical problems but it will just let you know about it in a different manner.

Speaking with IGN at E3, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Game Studios – Phil Spencer – said:

Now obviously, the box has a way to communicate to you if something has happened…but yes, three red lights are not part of our sequence of telling somebody something is wrong. Obviously if you look at the success rate of the original 360s, we’re very proud of both the way the company stepped up to support the customers that we had as well as the success rate we have with the box today. I think we’ve learned a lot. That learning has gone into the development of this [new] box.

If anything, the ‘Red Ring of Death’ is a PR nightmare for Microsoft and has even been adapted to cover Sony’s malfunctioning hardware. This could be a clever move from Microsoft, although it won’t take people long to adopt a new phrase for however the 360 Slim informs you of an error.


  1. SBoF (Slim Box of Fire)?

    • How about “BOC” Box of crap?

    • HYTOEW – Hope you took out extended warranty!

      • Wait for 12 months until MS offer extended warranty for free, again.

      • LOL PMPL

    • SDG – Slim Disk Grinder

  2. I wonder what the new Death of your xbox will be.

  3. I hope it’s audio based. You have to own Kinect to find out your Xbox has melted. You try to turn it on and you hear:

    “Xbox – Dead. Sorry!”

    • That can’t happen, because then you can just say:
      ‘Xbox – Come back to life.’
      And it has to obey.

    • During the MS session at E3 apparently someone shouted out:
      “XBOX! P0RN FOLDER!”


    • I hope it would sound like GlaDOS from Portal.

      ‘Your Xbox is dead. Here is some cake to make you feel better’.

      • The cake is a lie

      • How bout a cookie…I don’t like cake =(

      • Ah, but it wouldn’t be dead. It’d be Still Alive.

      • @Daywalker Classic

  4. The 360 will actually start up only then to display a notification reading “I’m dead.”

    • IDNoD
      The ‘I’m Dead Notification of Death’?
      Not quite as catchy. ;)

      • Oh I don’t know, has a certain ring to it maybe hehe. Could even unlock some Gamerscore for it. 5G – FML.

  5. lol just because they got rid of the red lights dont mean it aint gonna break down the idiot i bet theyll be blue lights instead or some other color *sits and waits patiently for the first person to report it*

    “the success rate of the original 360s,” didnt most of them have the RROD if so i hardly call that a success

  6. It will be Quiet Death now, in par with new quieter fan and noise cancelling headset.

  7. SLOTH – Smoke Looms Out The Holes
    SLEF – Serious Large Electrical Fire
    Or the instantly catchy…
    TFTJRAD – The Flipping Thing’s Just Ruined Another Disk!

    • OFFSNA – Oh for fuck sake not again ?

      • WDIJBAP – Why Didn’t I Just Buy A PS3?

      • HTFFTY – Havent They Fucking Fixed This Yet

      • JCMA – Jasper chipset my arse.

        Ok I’ll stop now…probably.

    • OHSNAPSHIT – Oh Hell, Shit Not Again… Price Still Hefty, Im TIMMEH!

    • OHWELLPS3TIME … no catchyness, just what you will be shouting the 10th time it breaks in a year ;)

  8. I’m sure I heard MS say they had fixed the RROD each time they released a new chip for their 360….

    • yea I heard that aswell obviously that was a lie

      i remember seein a video on youtube of someone opening an elite hed jus bought and as soon as he plugged it in it got RROD LOL

      • ‘yea I heard that aswell obviously that was a lie’

        Are you referring to the cake as well?

      • Two lights?

    • It’s 100% fixed now as there are no red lights… ;-)

      • Wouldn’t it be funny if they STILL got RRoD, even though the lights aren’t there!

      • That’s exactly what I thought, cynical as I am.

      • HRROD, Hidden red ring of death. its probably a manufacturing error, where they forgot to put the lights on. Perhaps is will come with a sticker, that will say ‘sooner or later, your fucked pal’

  9. Pink ring of death maybe?


    • Green Outershell of Death or short

  10. It won’t flash and shut down now, it will just quietly melt and burn your carpet

    • hahahaa and set your house ablaze in the proccess

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