Adarakion Developer Diary: 39

I’m back! After a bit of a whirlwind weekend at a friends stag party I’m back and firmly in the coding saddle. Rather than the drinking saddle… but that’s a different story entirely.

So, what’s occurring?  Yet again, progress has been significant over the past week or so, as I have said before, the basic gameplay code is now 90% complete. Once we hit 100% we then need to turn our attention to analysing how the game is working, make any adjustments, test, test, and retest.  Without giving too much away, it’s been quite interesting to watch how the game actually plays and try and understand why something specific is happening.  It’s not a bug, but just the way the game seems to play, something we hadn’t anticipated, but in the same breath, something that will be fun to try and resolve.

Another thing for us to look at once the code is complete is the actual art input. We are using a fair number of placeholder graphics at the moment, so it will be really interesting to see how the game looks once we’ve got the proper art in there, again, something I’m really looking forward to seeing!  Phil has been hard at work, beavering away (in the “work” sense I hasten to add) to get all our required art assets completed.  I don’t think we probably appreciate how much work this is to actually do, its easy to implement a feature or a new idea in code (relatively speaking) but in order to get that looking and feeling right requires a significant amount of time from the artist’s perspective to not only get it right, but also keep in the style of the overall game.

Sound too; we don’t have much of it at the moment, other than a nice background track and a few special effects here and there.  Our plans for the sound implantation range from small whirrs and clicks through to total voice work.  Quite a bit of stuff to be thinking about in this area yet, but again something I feel really fleshes a game out.  Note to self, must talk to my sound man over a couple of pints in the local!

These two factors combined (art and sound) can really make or break the look and feel of the game. If we get it wrong then the game wont come across how we plan it to, however if we nail it, then the game will really feel like a professionally produced title (which is what, of course, we are aspiring to).

Personally, I still feel things are moving along really well for Adarakion and I’m starting to learn more and more about how the industry seems to work, and why things happen the way they do.  It’s really inspiring to me (and indeed us as a team) to see projects like Joe Danger be really successful – bearing in mind the size of their team etc. it’s fair to say it’s something we aspire to.  But there is a considerable amount of water to flow under numerous bridges before we are at the stage they are at, and we are all going to have a blast on the proverbial raft down that river I can tell you!

Still loads happening with us at the moment which is pretty cool and exciting but these things take time to actually “happen” so nothing firm I can report back yet, however I’m hopeful that things will start to move apace now, and so with any luck more on this stuff in coming weeks!

Also, you will have another guest diary entry next week as I will be on stag party number two in sunny Benidorm, but rest assured, all I will be doing is thinking of you guys.  Well.  Maybe not just that, but I’ll definitely be thinking of you all, certainly briefly. Maybe. Actually. I might forget to remember you all!