BBC iPlayer 3 Coming To PS3

TechRadar is reporting that the BBC is planning to bring a new, improved and updated version of their iPlayer to the PlayStation 3.  There’s no date yet, but a spokesperson for the broadcasting giant said the new iPlayer was “on the roadmap” for the console this year.

iPlayer 3 is said to include a “For You” section, which recommends programs based on the ones you’ve watched, and “more social network functionality” which presumably means Twitter and Facebook integration.


The biggest problem faced by the BBC, though, is how to overcome signing into the new app.  “We don’t know whether to integrate it with the PSN signing in process or do something new,” explained the spokesperson.

iPlayer 3 is currently in Beta on other platforms, and has been available for just 23 days.  The BBC is reporting great uptake, though, with 8% of users currently using the latest version, and 10% of those taking part in the new social integration tools built in.



  1. Twitter integration would be amazing because using twitter on the normal browser is so ridiculously bad. The sooner it happens, the better :D

    • i agree, the browser sucks.
      i find it hard to believe that web browsing is faster on my pentium 4 than on the cell processor.
      sony need update their browser, im sure the money from PSN plus will fund these improvements.

      • yh, and of course, sony needs to make BBC iPlayer its own application (not web-browser based) and give the option to view in HD (since it’s a HD System), the option to download in SD/HD, and of course the other new features in iPlayer 3 on PS3 =)

  2. Has the world gone facebook & twitter mad?
    I must be one of the few who has never used them.

    • me too, me too…
      Don’t really see the point…

      • Glad to see I’m not the only one.

      • @cam the man

        I dont use them either #stupidthings

      • Me neither, never been even slightly interested.

      • wooah. We should make up our own social messaging site for people who haven’t wasted their time on one before! :D

      • i personally use twitter quite often. It’s useful for keeping in touch with fellow gamers and there are loads of TSA members on there. Also, i’ve found some great people online who i can do mp with on different games so that’s the point to me :D

        And @radboud it’s so much easier to organise a game of killzone 2 or tourney on twitter than on the forums. Makes it much easier for everyone involved and the person organising too :)

    • Like me its a craze I don’t even understand

    • Well ive got in touch with loads of old school friends etc from facebook, i think its great! (friendsreunited what?)

  3. if u goto iplayer now on ur pc and click the beta
    its that model I was alpha testing it sometime ago but is now public beta.

    • I think that they will add the features in the beta to PS3.
      In an ideal world they should:
      -integrate recommendations to the PSN friends system.
      -add what you’ve been watching to facebook feed akin to trophies Earned (with option to turn on/off)
      -a HD option, although I fear w/o a fix to the archaic browser that won’t be happening any time soon

      • it will be HD iv heard ul have the option same as now via pc to stream SD or HD if it was shown on BBC HD Channel

      • there is no way the browser in its current state could handle BBC HD.
        Unless BBC iPlayer is an application on PS3 and not just a cheeky bookmark?

      • HD would be nice!

    • Yep, I’ve been using the beta for ages. This is the version coming to PS3.

  4. If you’re happy signing in with PSN then do it for iPlayer too. Just make sure it doesn’t auto-populate with loads of crap before you actually do anything with it.

    Great news about the new features, though.

    • It gather info on what u watch, So say you watch the gran prix it will then recomend all motorsports events to you, if you like Eastenders then it will auto mark these for you placing them all in a nice convenient folder.

      • I’m fine with that. I was thinking more along the lines of iPlayer being invasive with suggestions whilst you’re just fannying about on the XMB of the PS3. Recommended viewing is fine with me but there’s the right place at the right time.

  5. Surely they can just add a setting in the Facebook section of Account Management that can handle all the integration stuff? Also, it really needs HD, I never use iPlayer on the PS3 simply for this reason. I know the PS3 can do it, I used to watch HD iPlayer shows that I’d downloaded from my PC on my PS3 over the media server.

  6. Good, that way we’ll finally get some HD ! :D

  7. Let’s hope they improve the streaming, I find the picture very juttery when using the PS3 version, like it’s a flickbook of static photo’s rather than a smooth video…

  8. I’d like to see a full app, rather than a webpage, with HD streaming and downloading.

  9. Recently, Ive been using iPlayer on the PS3 quite a bit, so any updates and improvements are welcomed by me.

  10. It’d be nice if they could integrate this with PlayTV somehow. To give a more unified viewing experience.

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