Monkey Island On Euro PSN Tomorrow

It’s hard to underestimate the impact the original Secret of Monkey Island had on sea travel and rubber chicken sales, especially those with a pulley attached.  If you’re still to experience the brilliant point and click adventure, well, it’s coming to the European PlayStation Store tomorrow.

Indeed, a week after the much newer Tales Of landed on our shores, the original, sublime and laugh out loud funny title is absolutely required gaming – as can be seen in our 9/10 review of the identical Xbox 360 version.  It’s baffling that it’s nearly 20 years old, but there you go – greatness simply doesn’t age.

Secret of Monkey Island will arrive in Special Edition flavour, which means you can switch to newly updated high resolution graphics, newer music and full speech, if you so desire.  There’s also a new hint system for the game’s often tricky puzzles, although you’re a big girly pirate if you need more than one.

Yep, and this one’s confirmed by Facebook.  Old school.

Thanks, Wilboss.


  1. Wooh, we got there in the end. Will be interesting to see if they’ve actually added any localisation for Europe or if it was just SCEE’s approval process that meant we had to wait so much longer than America.

    Seriously, everyone should own this game, I’ve been playing it for most of the 20 years it’s been out and still find it hilarious!

    • Oh and cheers for the mention Nofi :D

  2. I think ill get this 8)
    Iv heard so much about it now, i cant afford to not have played it..

  3. got this from the usa psn, such a good game! ……about this sword. what about this sword?…i want it! lmao :P

  4. Sweet, i played this on Amiga and can’t wait to play it again. Being point and click, you never felt challenged by the controls unlike my experience with the ‘Tales Of…’ demo.

  5. This is one of my favorite games of all time.. OF ALL TIME!
    I just hope they don’t decide to charge a bomb for it..otherwise I’ll just play it on my laptop..without trophies… *sigh*

  6. this bring back memories.

  7. this was the first game i ever played through to the end without cheat and without looking anything up :-D

    but i heard the special edition doesn’t let you cut the dialogues short, can anyone confirm?

    • i seem to remember it does, its been a few weeks since i played it. i managed to get all trophys bar the speed run one. really cant be bothered to do a speed run

  8. My life is complete.

  9. So, this is a different version of the game to “Tales of Monkey Island” with the Five Chapters? that we got last week on the store. Which version is better, and worth buying and why release this so soon after last weeks? Confusion…..

    • Secret of monkey island is awesome freezbug, its a classic that everyone should play and its from a time when the writing team were at thier wittiest. (in my oppinion) – review

      if you ever played the 4th monkey island on the ps3, the new one is similar to that i think

      • Edit* the 4th moneky island on the PS2

    • This is the HD remake of the 20 year old adventure game ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’. It’s an absolute classic and one of the reasons I got into gaming. The game released last week was the new series of 5 episodes. I haven’t played the new game yet but you can’t go wrong with the original.

      • I played all the old ones and loved them and I hated the demo of that new 5 parter. It just felt like some sort of straight to video follow up in the vein of S Darko or summat. wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • Well, I think I’ll wait a wee while to see if any of these games are included in my PS+ discounts before making a firm decision because I was set on trying the five chapters *new* version of the game but now I’m not so sure lol. Thanks for the info anyway. ;)

      • So thats it then!

        I could have swore I saw Monkey Island on the store earlier in the week.

        Thought I was losing it!

  10. Yay! I got Tales last week, and now this? Point’n’click heaven!
    Next, I hope Microids get to release Syberia 3 for PS3..!

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