Studio Ghibli’s Ni No Kuni Trailer

Level 5 (Dark Cloud, White Knight Chronicles) are working on a new JRPG with acclaimed Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli, creator of such renowned films as Princess Mononoke and the Oscar-winning Spirited Away. Entitled “Ni no Kuni” (Another World), the trailer below not only showcases the game’s artistic style and gameplay, but there’s even some comparison analysis between the animation provided by Ghibli and the same scenes running in real-time on the PS3.

Ni no Kuni, sounding quite similar in theme and tone to the aforementioned Spirited Away, focuses on 13 year old Oliver whose mother has recently died. Using a magic book given to him by Shizuku (Japanese for “water-drop” by the way), a doll given to Oliver by his mother before her death, he is capable of transporting to a parallel universe where alternate versions of people in the boy’s life exist. In this “Another World”, Oliver begins a quest to try and revive his mother.

Ni no Kuni will support the PlayStation Move and is likely due out early 2011.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Can someone pleeasee paste a link of that youtube movie so that I can just download it. I can’t display youtube movies here.
    I can’t miss this since Studio Ghibli is involved!

    • Try following the Kotaku link. There’s a different movie file on that article. Might help?

    • Thanks a lot!
      Does that mean it isn’t a youtube movie above?
      I’ll try the source link more often. ^^

      • It’s a YouTube movie above purely because the video on Kotaku is not embeddable.

  2. OMG !!
    Hayao Miyazaki + Playstation = jism level of awesome !!
    Kovacs your the man for finding this ! :D

  3. zelda style, cool

  4. The looks a brilliant, as expected from Studio Ghibli.
    I’m a bit disappointed about the genre, I’d hope for something more new, instead of ‘just another rpg’.
    I remember seeing another trailer about this a little while ago, but I thought it was for the Nintendo DS.

  5. Is this just coming to Japan or is it coming to Europe to?

  6. Kovacs – are you just making these titles up? They can’t surely be real games. :-)

    • LOL!

      Trust me, I don’t need to make up crazy Japanese titles. They do a fine job on their own.

      • Especially when you realise that “Urotsukidōji: Chōjin Densetsu” translates as “Wandering Kid – Superman Legend!” which has VERY little to do with demons having sex with school-girls.

    • Honestly, Ghibli’s might sound strange but they barely scratch the surface of anime weird.
      Urotsukidoji:-The Demon Womb, Kekko Kamen, Naruto Shippuuden, heck even Final Fantasy’s called Vinaru Vanitsu or something.

      • Fainaru Fantajī = Final Fantasy

  7. Studio Ghibli Magic words indeed * starts humming Totoro*

    • Aruko! Aruko! Watashiwa Genki….

  8. YES! this is now top of my list for games coming out in 2011. frikkin love SG

  9. is it just me or does this remind anyone of pokimon

    • I think you’re on your own there, mate.

      • as always X(, i was only referring to the battle system and how it looks a bit pikachu i choose you

  10. Surely you cant forget that Level 5 do the Professor Layton series? Which is probably worth more than WKC and Dark Cloud put together? :)

    • Nope, I didn’t forget. Being a PlayStaion related post, however, I chose to focus on the quoted titles.

      • Okie dokie. Just making sure :) Every gamer should have played a Layton Game. Theyre just amazing.

      • Professor Layton is easily the best thing on the DS.

      • Professor Lay-TON XD

    • Just thinking this!

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