Killzone 3 Demoed On Jimmy Fallon

Check out what happens when the Helghast invade Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Clue: one host who has no clue what he’s doing but seems to be having shed-loads of fun nonetheless. The footage, suavely narrated by Guerrilla Games’ Herman Hulst, shows off the previously seen on-rails Intruder sequence from the start of the game. Not much new here it seems, though we do get a few meagre glimpses of the oil-rig’s structure from Frozen Shores and how players can knock out struts, sending screaming Higs to a freezing, watery death below.

Moving on to a segment that showcases Killzone 3’s 3D (and jet-pack) qualities, watch as Fallon loses the plot entirely. He’s either genuinely impressed here or he’s one fine actor. And, believe me, I’ve been unfortunate enough to have actually seen Taxi. I’m thinking it’s definitely the former.





  1. As soon as this comes out I am getting a 3D HDTV!

    • Show off haha!!

    • Same here – I have pretty much managed to talk the wife into upgrading the TV!!! Few more washing up sessions and its in the bag. hehe

  2. jimmy fallon he is so funny and he seems to be having a lot of fun so im deffinetely thinking of getting a 3DTV



    • How the hell did he manage to play for 30 seconds without dying!!

      • Pre-Alpha has not only a 3D mode but also a GOD mode ;-)

  4. Wow. He seemed genuinely amazed. Seriously makes me want a 3D TV. Now where to get the money…

    • Car-boot sale my friend, can make €400+ a pop.

  5. Hahahaha! His reaction when it goes 3D is sublime! *is still smiling*

    • I’ve heard of a lot of people having the same reaction.

      • I had a look at that actual TV set Saturday, its ridiculous, i urge everyone to go to a Sony center and take a look before writing 3D off as a gimmick! Its as real as your going to get with out being in the film being shown! And its 100 times better than going to a 3D film at a cinema. The TVs are very pricey from Sony though, which is a shame, but Samsungs seem cheaper. Might be worth a look at to compare. Now i just need to debate if i should save and wait a few months or just get the plastic

  6. good thing they used the on rail sequence and i bet they put the difficulty on lowest just for jimmy lol.

    • The lowest difficulty is now named after Jimmy.

    • Guerrilla should officially name their difficulty settings: “Elite, Hard, Normal, Fallon.”

  7. I purchased my 3D TV mainly for gaming on the PS3. GT5 and Killzone 3 especially :D

  8. I appreciate it’s a fairly small video but what degradation are we seeing from 2D to 3D with regards to quality of objects, textures, resolution, etc. Anyone know?

    • The Motorstorm demo i looked at seemed fine to me, full HD and no dropped frames. It was a video, so i’m guessing they would of played with it to get it perfect. I did find the HUD coming out of the screen VERY bury, i hope all games reduce this as its annoying, but the depth was great.

      • We may find it blurry because we’re not watching it in 3D.

        This is the equivalent of companies trying to sell HD picture clarity to people watching on CRT TVs

      • I think he meant the Motorstorm demo he saw in 3D had a blurry HUD.

      • correct, i am talking about watching the game on a 3D Bluray. They didn’t have the game playable sadly.

      • CC, its more like trying to sell an HD Tv to someone listening to the radio

  9. Looking forward to buying my 3D Panasonic, gaming seems like it’ll make the most of 3D at the moment.

  10. 3D Bubbles

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