Killzone 1 To Get HD Remake?

Ah, HD PS3 remakes – the rumours just keep on rolling, and this, the latest one, is perhaps the most interesting.  Picked up by German site Playfront, it appears there’s a chance that an updated, brand spanking remix of the first Killzone might be appearing alongside Killzone 3 when it releases.

When asked about the chance of a Killzone HD remake, the official Guerrilla Twitter account replied with a lovely “no comment” – followed by a cute little smiley that, extrapolating like only a Killzone 1 fanboy could, gives hope that there’s more behind the Tweet than we can possibly hope for.


The original Killzone was a great game, only hampered by an aging console, and the chance to play it again at a smoother frame-rate and a higher resolution would fit perfectly into what everyone’s hoping Sony are concentrating on with regards to these PS2 remakes.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, then.



  1. Would love to play through this again and see the helghast storming the ISA craft in their little tick like boarding craft thingies! lol

    also, why put a smiley unless there is something more behind it?!

  2. Thinking these might be downloadable… why release a disc every time for a single game?

    • Or it will ship on the KillZone 3 disc, like the Dead Space, and Medal of Honour remakes.

  3. Missed this the first time out. I’m there. Do it.

    • I think you’ll enjoy it if you haven’t played it before. I have bad memories of it personally.

      I never really enjoyed it that much and I think the reason was for those two-simple words which back then could hype anything beyond relief “Halo beater” and it certainly weren’t.

  4. Oh god, where’s my gravatar?!

  5. I hope KillzoneDotCom don’t unfollow me now for this :(

    Nut i sure hope its true ;)

    • Hello fello Killzone buddy, I do love finding PSN friends online ;)

  6. *consults Games Industry Dictionary*

    “No comment – When a game developer or publisher denies the existence of a project that they are working on but are not yet ready to announce. In other words, it’s more of a confirmation than a denial, expect a formal announcement soon”

    Yep. :)

    • where can I find a copy of this dictionary? :)

  7. I would like to play the original, I never picked it up on the PS2 but absolutely love Killzone 2 on PS3. I would hope they release it before Killzon 3 rather than at the same time – or just release the single player only campaign with the Killzone 3 limited edition (like Dead Space 2 and Medal of Hono(u)r are doing).

  8. I enjoyed the first game with each playable character having different strengths, i would love to see a HD remake.

  9. Forget a HD upgrade, remake it in the Killzone 3 engine and I would be preordering it in a heartbeat!

    • Would that be even possible? Would love it if they could!

  10. Day freakin’ 1. Never got the chance to play the first but loved KZ2.

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