Killzone 1 To Get HD Remake?

Ah, HD PS3 remakes – the rumours just keep on rolling, and this, the latest one, is perhaps the most interesting.  Picked up by German site Playfront, it appears there’s a chance that an updated, brand spanking remix of the first Killzone might be appearing alongside Killzone 3 when it releases.

When asked about the chance of a Killzone HD remake, the official Guerrilla Twitter account replied with a lovely “no comment” – followed by a cute little smiley that, extrapolating like only a Killzone 1 fanboy could, gives hope that there’s more behind the Tweet than we can possibly hope for.


The original Killzone was a great game, only hampered by an aging console, and the chance to play it again at a smoother frame-rate and a higher resolution would fit perfectly into what everyone’s hoping Sony are concentrating on with regards to these PS2 remakes.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, then.



  1. All these HD updates are great but surely Sony dont make much off them?

    Still I’m yet to get the GoW one yet!

  2. The first game was brilliant, well online anyway! seriously me an my mates would play it to death online on the ps2, im hoping some of the weapons from KZ1 make it back into KZ3! the sticky grenade launcher being a personal fav :)

  3. you know im loving the HD remakes idea. i mean the god of war collection at UK launch was £19.99 who wouldnt pick up a bargin like that. HD remakes of the best PS2 games are in the publishers and sonys best interests.

    so now Square Enix, how about FF7 through 10 or are we still claming that HD remakes of these games would take several million years to create… you can keep X-2 11 and 12.

  4. I hope so

  5. A “no comment” on it’s own is pretty much a guarantee of a “yes”. But add a smiley on the end and you might as well be officially announcing it.

  6. I just hope they sort out the dire in game dialogue.

  7. It would be awesome to have the complete trilogy on the PS3 :)

  8. that would be a good idea for people who have never played the original, i have, and it was actually a decent fps, a lot better than some people said.
    considering how important the story is for the killzone titles, people who have only ever played the games on ps3 might not realise how much the aggressors the helghast were because they’ve only seen the invasion of helghan, which is actually a response to the helghast invasion, or attempted invasion, of vecta, the protagonist’s planet.
    killzone was a big budget project for sony, some fairly big name actors, like sean pertwee, brian cox, steven berkoff and ronny cox, no relation as far as i know. :)
    it isn’t the easiest game to find these days, that and the fact most ps3s won’t be able to play the original version now means this is a great idea.
    i never did get round to finishing it,

    • Yeah same here, i never got round to completing it either, once i found the online component i never looked back :)

  9. All over it like butter one bread.

  10. Please do it!

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