Killzone 1 To Get HD Remake?

Ah, HD PS3 remakes – the rumours just keep on rolling, and this, the latest one, is perhaps the most interesting.  Picked up by German site Playfront, it appears there’s a chance that an updated, brand spanking remix of the first Killzone might be appearing alongside Killzone 3 when it releases.

When asked about the chance of a Killzone HD remake, the official Guerrilla Twitter account replied with a lovely “no comment” – followed by a cute little smiley that, extrapolating like only a Killzone 1 fanboy could, gives hope that there’s more behind the Tweet than we can possibly hope for.


The original Killzone was a great game, only hampered by an aging console, and the chance to play it again at a smoother frame-rate and a higher resolution would fit perfectly into what everyone’s hoping Sony are concentrating on with regards to these PS2 remakes.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, then.



  1. Yes!!!
    I played so many hours on this with split-screen, that I never got round to finishing it. They ripped the heart out of the game with the ommission of split-screen in Killzone 2.

  2. I hope so, i really really do.

  3. I personally found the first one a bit dull, I was tired of it by the end. Makes sense to release it as HD though, storywise and it will sell like hot cakes as it is so high profile now. I do think there is a reason it wasn’t that popular initially though.

  4. Ratchet and Clank HD please!!!!!!!!!! :D

  5. KZ1 is a great game, only hampered by the fact that Guerrilla wasn’t able to make the most out of the PS2 because of a ridiculously rushed release — Sony foolishly wanted KZ1 to be out before Halo 2, and thus slashed the development time by about 4 months.

  6. Killzone 1 was… not a good game. I know some seemed to like it, and I can be pretty forgiving of flawed games if there’s some enjoyment to be had, but the whole thing was just so banal. I generally don’t have a high opinion of last gen’s console FPS titles as a whole though, with a mere handful of exceptions perhaps, but Killzone 1 is a game I for one could do without playing again unless Guerilla plan to go the whole hog and remake it with Killzone 2’s engine, which is unlikely. Killzone 2 I liked though. A lot…

    I’m betting that there’ll be a limited edition of Killzone 3 with an ‘upscaled’ Killzone 1 with it, like EA are doing with Medal of Honour Frontline. Free games? Can’t really argue with that.

  7. Never played KZ1 as the reviews said it was pants

  8. The Getaway HD remake :D

  9. Heard of the game before doing KZ2 but that’s as far as my knowledge goes.

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