PS3 No Longer Sold At Loss

It took a few years, but Sony are finally no longer haemorrhaging money like a drunk poker player on the sale of PS3 hardware. Speaking to IGN, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has reconfirmed the financial turnaround, this time going so far as all but confirming that further price cuts to the unit look increasingly unlikely.

“This year is the first time that we are able to cover the cost of the PlayStation 3. We aren’t making huge money from hardware, but we aren’t bleeding like we used to.”

Nice choice of words there Yoshida-san, the description insinuating heinous blood/money loss on the streets of Tokyo whenever a consumer chooses Sony’s platform. With recent advances in technology and the introduction of more cost-effective components of late, analysts began juggling their bones and ancient runes, predicting a follow-up price cut for the system since its much-needed slash last year.

Yoshida-san acknowledges the option of further price tweaking but appears more focused on current production trends rather than passing the savings on to the consumer. He said:

“When we bring the cost of hardware down, we are looking at opportunities to adjust prices if we believe that will increase demand. At the moment, we are trying to catch up our production.”

With PS3 shortages still reported in some areas, we can’t see another price cut for some time.

Source: IGN


  1. Good for them. I wonder how much my big beastly launch day console actually cost them then!

  2. They’ve been turning a profit on them since March:

    • Let’s hope this goes some way to recouping them what… $4billion investment?

  3. Go Sony!!! Lets hope 3d only helps them

  4. Great to hear, now invest the profits into a new Slim Slim PS3 Slim, it’s that Slim you can’t see it with the naked eye

  5. Crackalacking news for Uncle Sony!!!

    • Click clacking, Crackalacking, Full packing, Mo’ stacking, Acting the fool when I teach… WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE PLASTIC BEACH! Ahem. The production cost is falling pretty nicely now for Sony, wonder how the costs weigh up for Move and the like.

  6. Only now turning a profit on them? I was under the impression they had been since the slim came in… guess I got that wrong.

    Good for them I suppose.

  7. about time..!!

    • let’s hope they don’t get greedy once they see the money rolling

  8. Yay some good news there Sony :)

  9. Price cut just before the holiday period but after GT5 launch?

  10. Good news, hopefully this will lead on to bigger and better things!

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