White Knight Chronicles PSP Announced

According to the final page of a six-page spread in Famitsu, spiky-haired misfit Leonard’s quest in White Knight Chronicles will be coming to an end in upcoming sequel, the imaginatively titled White Knight Chronicles 2. Never fear, however, as it appears the next chapter in the story will be jumping to the PSP in 2011. Given the (we hope) tentative title of White Knight Chronicles: New Project, the game will feature new avatars and allies, not to mention the inclusion of a “female avatar.” The game is promising some major differences to the PS3 versions with the trailing sentence hinting at “a new world” entirely. Level 5 will continue with development duties.

Via: Andriasang (Thanks billsmugs)



  1. Humm – sounds cool, might look at this as soon as I am able to put MGSPW down – what a game :-)

    • That’s how I feel about everything in life right now! Peace Walker kicks ass.

      • I struggle with the controls , which set-up do you guys
        recommend for Peace Walker ?

      • I cant remember the name of the set up I use, but I have gone with the one where the buttons are all the actions, shoot is r1 with control off your direction with the gun L1. I think its the second one down out of the three. I double check it though i find this one the easiest!

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion this will take the Monster Hunter route. Gotta jump on that wagon early. (Namco and Square already doing it with God Eater and Lords of Arcana).

  3. Yay, more PSP love

  4. The first one was ok, no FF :P
    Will see what this is like before i commit

  5. you could create a female avatar in the first white knight, they must mean the lead character, like leonard was in that game.
    for once i don’t see the lack of a second stick or the analog nub ruining the game, which has got to be a good thing.

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