LittleBigPlanet 2 Dated?

Looks like know something we don’t, with pre-order notifications apparently going out this morning over email advising customers that the release date for LittleBigPlanet 2 has been ‘changed’ to the 5th November this year.

A formal release date has yet to be announced by Sony, and this could just be adding in a placeholder, but still, it’s nice to know somebody thinks Sackboy’s follow-up could be out in as little as a few months. have also updated their online product page to reflect this change.

Via @LittleBigNim


  1. thats my chrimbo pressie sorted…oh and KISSology volumes 1-3

  2. I’m falling.,, help

  3. NOOO bad release date almost the same date as GT5.

    • It seems that good games come in monthly bursts. RDR, Split/Second and UFC were all out at the same (ish) time and now there aren’t any ‘Big’ releases for a while.

    • actually it’s the exact same date as GT5 :( the previous date announced was for the US (well probably because it was a tuesday – the day games come out in the US) meaning that we will get it on that friday aka the 5th aka my 18th birthday woo woo woo

  4. Finally, a game at E3 that is out his year. I know GT5 is too, but that’s been around for years. I’m not bothered by MOH or Black ops, so this is nice to see.

  5. oooo sooner then i thought woop!

  6. im looking forward to this game alot, i enjoyed the first massively

  7. ShopTo and Amazon are still listing it for 29/10/2010. LBP2 looks amazing, really can’t wait!

  8. LBP2, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed, NFS Hot Pursuit, GT5, Enslaved, Castlevania, Driver, TDU2. Can we have 2 Christmas’s this year please? Uh, or maybe 3?

  9. Can’t wait! I need to create a level with all of the new tools…

  10. Ace! just after GT5!

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