Sweet Tooth Gets Modded

One of the big Sony related surprises of E3 was the revelation of the next instalment of car combat franchise ‘Twisted Metal’. Those craving the game and its protagonist ‘Sweet Tooth’ are in for a surprise this week as the crazy clown and his trademark ice cream truck hit ModNation Racers.

The price for this slice of insanity is a very reasonable $1.99.  As of yet there has been no word on pricing for other territories.

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. LEFT RIGHT UP…. Ice blast for any twisted metal noobs

    • UP DOWN UP UP R2 – Minion blast. Take that! Oh, god. I love that game. Still got the PSN download of World Tour on the PS3. It’s sooo good still. Shocking graphics but who cares. :-)

      • Haha, that’s brought back some memories I had stored away. I can’t remember his name but how cool was that guy with massive wheels strapped to his arms? way cool

      • Axel. He was sluggish but his “AXEL POWER!” did some decent damage. Although the ghostly whistling of Spectre’s special use to really get on my tits as if you couldn’t get a shield up ASAP you knew you were in trouble.

  2. Still no word on a patch to improve load times, online bugs and fix the ridiculous 250,000 XP trophy…

    Hopefully it won’t be much longer.

    Does look like a very very good mod/kart through. Nailed it.

    • Thanks for reminding me. I’ll ask.

      • Patch is in testing at moment, should be this week it goes live. It includes lots of fixes/changes including a loading time improvement. The 250k xp trophy is getting changed to 2500xp.

      • I love this game, but stopped playing because of the loading times. It really is unplayable. My girlfriend wanted to play, tried getting her into it, and all she did was sit there and say…”this takes too long, it’s not like Mario that’s instant” – says it all.

  3. And where is the Infamous city and Cole? Looks like a good mod though, most likely will fall into the same pricing as the rest (1.59? Something like that).

  4. Lol thats actually quite good!

  5. I knew this was coming as when I tried to save my Sweet Tooth Mod as Sweet tooth it wouldn’t let me have the name. so I had to call him salty tooth.

  6. looks good and fun

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