Two GT5 Collector’s Editions Coming?

The old saying “good things come to those who wait” may just ring true if this latest snippet of Gran Turismo 5 news is accurate. We already know about the ridiculously sexy Gran Turismo 5 Collector’s Edition, which features some swish car related DLC, a 300+ page Collector’s Edition book and a die cast 1:43 scale 2009 Nissan GT-R Spec V with a custom Gran Turismo livery – but that may not be the only special edition set to grace the PS3 if what the head of Sony Computer Entertainment India, Atindriya Bose, says is true.

Speaking to IVG he had the following to say;

For GT5, there are two collector’s editions. One is the game plus some added content and collectibles, which (has already been announced), while the other is in a really big package with a lot of paraphernalia that goes beyond the game. It’s all car-related, but I’m unaware of the exact contents. That being so expensive, we may not directly order it from Europe, but we could bring in limited quantities from Sony in the Middle East. We’ll also be working with Mercedes in some way around the GT5 launch, but we’re yet to decide the specifics of that. seems to back this up with the listing of Gran Turismo 5 – édition ultime, which is coming in at a wallet destroying €189.95.

Is a second – ‘Ultimate Edition’ – something that interests you, the consumer?

Source: IVG via GTPlanet



  1. How much? I assume that comes with a free console, right. 8-|

  2. GT5 Uber Edition. Complete with a real Nissan GT-R

  3. I wouldn’t pay £150 for one game, it would need an actual car to come with it for me….I would consider getting the cheaper one with the die cast model though? Hmm… :p

    • i would pay £150 if it came with a decent PS3 wheel

      • yeah, their always on about their official wheel so i wouldn’t be surprised to see a bundle with that.

  4. Normally I steer well clear of special editions unless they are a pre-order deal (as opposed to just being more expensive).

    I am prepared to make an exception with GT though because these games are probably my favourite of all time. I spent sooo much time in GT4 and promised myself that when 5 finally lands, I will treat myself to a proper steering wheel set-up et al.
    The die cast GTR sounds awesome (though I already have one, it’s not got GT livery) and if the new edition has some unusual stuff rather than just books and t-shirts, I may be tempted to blow a months pay on the game and all related crap :)

    • I really think this could be a wheel bundle…cross your fingers with me matey and we might just get it! :)

      • That would be sweet but the proper good wheels are £200+ new so even if this is, it won’t be the likes of a G25

    • Before the days of the official GT5 wheel and the G25, my brother paid about £70-80 (I think) for a new Logitech Driving Force Pro. Has served him well, feels great and completely transforms GT4 / GT5: Prologue. Recommended if you cannot stretch to the high end of Logitech and Fanatec’s wheels. Go on 3shirts, treat yourself :)

      • In fact, I believe the DFP wheel is the same as the more expensive official GT5 wheel except the official wheel has a few extra buttons / dials for tweeking car settings on the fly (functions can still be mapped if you need them but you may run out of buttons!).

      • yea, plus PD will get them in bulk and bundle with game, they will get them cheaper. so it might not be to wild a thought

  5. Think Ill keep my £29.99 pre-order, cant justify that much for a game

    • Me too. I didn’t get as good a pre-order deal as you though as I’m paying £32.95, but £150+ seems a bit much for a game with a few extras thrown in!!

      • You’ll look pretty foolish when I’m rocking my Polyphony socks

  6. They’ve been talking to Bobby clearly.

    I always ignore special editions, but hmm, I may make an exception depending what’s in the pack.

  7. but still no eu release date?
    and what on earth can they put in the special special edition for it to cost that much?

  8. I want to say that I would never spend hundreds on one game, well I want to, but I have already been sucked into the whole musical rhythm game thing. Compared to what EA and Activision are doing this isn’t really all that bad.

    • as a kid i remember getting sf2t for the snes. £99.99 and it came in a tin, it was awesome.

      i might get the gt5 spec ed – just depends on what you actually get…

  9. Gran Turismo is a game i always have to buy although i have to confess i buy it mostly for the car porn and photo realism rather than the gameplay. As more information becomes available i find myself getting excited yet worried at the same time. They’ve added a lot of racing events such as Nascar and WRC but there’s supposedly only 20 tracks with 70 ‘variations’ and unless those variations involve different track surfaces i can’t see the WRC experience being very deep. Anyway, i’ll probably stick with the ‘vanilla’ version.

    • With DLC and the suggested ‘track creator’ I don’t think a lack of track variation is going to be GT5’s problem. Just please let it implement damage properly and have decen AI. Genuinely worried it’s going to look beautiful but have no soul…

  10. Gran Turismo is the one game that I would always buy the highest priced version for. I don’t care whats in the box, Kaz could have rubbed his genitals on the disc for all I care. I’m buying it.

    • Yeah me too. If that edition is coming out can you put me down for one. I must say though that I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that when I finally get my grubby mits on this game I’ll open the box and there inside is a hand written note from Kaz. It simply reads, “This game has been re-scheduled for a September 2011 release”
      My nightmare playing out in front of me :(

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