Devs Working On ‘PS4’

It may be many years away but Sony have confirmed work is progressing on ‘future platform related activities’ – the next generation of PlayStation. When the PS3 was released many developers complained about difficulties programming the machine so, in a clever move, Sony have got their first party developers to help design the future PlayStation. Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida explains:

“When Ken Kutaragi moved on and Kaz Harai became the president of SCE, the first thing Kaz said was, ‘get World Wide Studios in on hardware development’. So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us [developers].

“We are undergoing many activities that we haven’t yet been talking about in public. Some future platform related activities.”

Source: Develop



  1. How exciting….

  2. This could also be referring to the PSP….Jumping the gun a little to say its PS4

    • Develop and MCV state PS4. Lets just assume everyone there has seen the PSP2 and its nothing to do with that shall we?

      • Equally though Kaz said about getting devs involved when he started his job which was 4 years ago. Also the Develop story does not state says next playstation.

        I’m not saying it isn’t the PS4…but I just think everyone is being presumptuous.

  3. Well I can see them already planning for the Playstation 4, but I’d think they’d be revealing this information about the PSP2, which we know is inevitable from Sony. Since Sony are rumoured to be using the Cell Processor for the PSP2, maybe they’d be conferring with other developers for design-decisions in coding and all that stuff making it easier for developers to take advantage of the Cell and the rumoured PowerVR in synchronous while being cost-effective of development.

    • A cell in a handheld? It would melt your hands off!!

  4. That could work.

  5. Years in dev could = awesome results

  6. a damn good idea! At least between them, they should be able to make an easier to program system that would benefit all.

  7. I’m more inclined to think this is for the PS4, I would think work for the PSP2 will be well beyond the concept stages by now.

  8. Great news and a masterstroke by Sony.
    Devs know “gaming” better than almost everyone, so this is a brilliant move from Sony

  9. Good news – I hope it also means: the PS4 is 5 years from now, 3d TV glasses are cheap, HDMI is fully replaced with that new Cat5 version, Bobby Kotick has become a blogger who’s even less respected than Michael Pachter & the Sixth Axis has become so popular that all it’s die-hard members get free PSN games for life :-)

  10. Finally! A platform in time for GT5.

    • See what I mean? Poor jokes.

    • Kazunori Yamauchi: “GT5 will be the last…. oh wait”

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