New Killzone 3 Screens

Hey look everyone, more screen shots for the up and coming PlayStation 3 (and Move) exclusive Killzone 3. In this series of action packed pictures you can observe lots of snow, lots of guns, quite a few Helghast and more snow. Other notable features are snow, jet packs, more snow and a Helghast in a building standing by a window, admiring the beautifully rendered snow as he is shot.

Just to be consistent it appears to be snowing inside the building.

Source: GamersMint



  1. I think that’s fog, you’re referring to.

    • Yeah, and why are we fighting to secure these heavily guarded yet isolated snowy outposts exactly? Looks incredible but in this context the setting doesn’t exactly suggest an engaging/believable story.

      • I’m not sure its possible to comment on the context of the location just yet. Whilst I agree that it is not necessarily the most obvious choice of location, I’m sure there are many ways in which they could create a believable story to fit the setting. Guerilla have already said that they are focussing on the story for KZ3, so I’m interested to see what they come up with and how it plays out.

      • I thought it is where the Helghast are getting their power from and weapons research or something like that. Heard it on some video somewhere I believe

      • yeah its a little early, don’t you think, to be commenting on story flaws lol

  2. Wow. That is all.

  3. think ill be holding onto my copy of killzone this time looks amazing

  4. Is this still in “alpha” stage?

    • I believe so, but I can’t say for definite.

  5. Just before you throw your slipper at my head, I haven’t played Killzone 2 yet (not a massive fan of FPS on consoles) but I will most certainly get around to it. However, these KZ3 screenshots look tremendous!

    • For christ sake, Bunny! Is there anything you HAVE played? :P

    • You must. It’s AMAZING!!!

  6. I wish they would show us the alien jungle

  7. Looks even better than Killzone 2!

  8. im back on KZ2 after the free maps. :) this looks beast :D

    • i’m sorry what free maps?

      • PSN+ members get KZ2 free maps.

      • ye those, quite gd maps especially the train one

      • He doesn’t mean free, he means the ones he paid for with his ludicrously expensive and pointless playstation plus subscription.

      • well doesnt evryone pay £40 for a new release??? some games just arnt worth the money and people still buy. i dont see whats wrong with psn plus, its great so far.

      • Bloody nora Tony, i realise you have a hard-on for dissing PS+, but it’s seriously getting tiring…chill out man :)

  9. wow – cant wait.

  10. It’s a shame that i sold KZ2 ;], but i will definitively buy KZ3.

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