New Killzone 3 Screens

Hey look everyone, more screen shots for the up and coming PlayStation 3 (and Move) exclusive Killzone 3. In this series of action packed pictures you can observe lots of snow, lots of guns, quite a few Helghast and more snow. Other notable features are snow, jet packs, more snow and a Helghast in a building standing by a window, admiring the beautifully rendered snow as he is shot.

Just to be consistent it appears to be snowing inside the building.

Source: GamersMint



  1. KZ2 is a superb game, admittedly not to everyones taste, so really looking forward to this next instalment ;)

  2. What a mega looking gun. Looks rather awesome, like KZ2, but awesomer.

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes please

  4. That jungle level is going to look so sexy in hd.

  5. Pic 5 = screwed!!

  6. Looking good. Can’t wait fr the game.

    I want to see some of the jungle they have mentioned.

  7. looks great, can’t wait for some more MP and hopefully co-op details.

  8. Looks epic…..

    Really looking forward to this….

  9. gonna play KZ2 online again once I manage to put my psp down….

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