Pachter Says “Halo Killer”

In the latest episode of the wonderfully named but rarely quite as entertaining Pach Attack, industry analyst Michael Pachter has used the magic words: “Halo Killer”.  The chap from Wedbush Morgan claims that Respawn Entertainment, the new development team made up from ex-Infinity Ward coders, is working on something rather big – big enough to apparently dethrone Bungie.

“I don’t accept the premise that ten or more first person shooters only have minor differences,” he said, following up with the notion that all football games involve “the use of a ball”.  “Except that we all know basketball is different from soccer, which plays different from football,” he said.  Good to know.  His point?  That Respawn won’t be aiming at the modern warfare time frame for their first game.


“I’ll make a prediction here,” he said, referring to the ex-Infinity guys.  “They’re going to make a Halo killer, a game that’s going to compete in the space shooter genre.”  How does he come to this conclusion? “The one genre that hasn’t been cloned a lot is the space shooter.”  Ah, right.  We’ll be keeping an eye out for whatever Jason West and Vince Zampella come up with, let’s hope we hear about this this calendar year.

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  1. He’s like an American version of David Icke. You can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth but he’s hugely entertaining.

    • No Idea who David Icke is but I agree with this statement

  2. from what i know activation limit the guys in infinity so after thy get the freedom i am sure thy will made a great new unique game

  3. Didn’t they already make a Halo Killer? Call of Duty anyone? Didn’t the most recent one piss all over sales of Halo from a great height?

    • thats what i was thinking! Halo is old news in the FPS world.

  4. In sales no…, in gameplay never…..
    So is this yet another mediocre shooting game with humans (Americans) conquering aliens?

    The only First person I’ll ever accept is the classic Red Faction and Timespiltters.

    • I agree with TimeSpiltters 100% behind you on that. Although Bungie has been quite innovative with everything they’ve done especially in Reach, lets see if these two have what it takes to actually de-throne Halo.

      • excuse me but the sales of the most recent call of duty broke every video game sale record and actually broke the record for biggest media release of any kind. So it was in fact an every game killer.

        ps GTA 4 also outsold halo 3

      • Except that both of those games were multi-plat, so can sell more copies. You’d need to look at the number of games sold on just the 360.

      • ^ yeah, exactly. Halo 3 alone sold about 8 million just on the 360. So imagine if it was a multiplatforum game!

  5. Nup.
    I’m thinking that somebody should be keeping a close eye on a collaboration with Vivendi and Sierra…. if anyone knows where I’m going with that comment
    Something similar to DICE’s work with EA perhaps, who knows ?

  6. halo killer? in my eyes halo was already dead.

    • well over 500,000 unique users have played halo 3 in the last 24hrs and 267,000 for ODST so i guess its very much alive in many peoples eyes.also halo 3 is over 2 and a half years old so its very impressive to still get these kind of numbers.

      • edit – 51,000 for ODST but 267,000 games played(apologies its 2.30 FFS)

  7. I thought respawn was going to make an anouncement at E3? Did they? I don’t know about a “Halo killer” but I know they’ll make a kick ass game. Hopefully they live up to the hype.

    • well if MW2 is anything to go by, then I think I will just see what they come up with. No point getting ahead of ourselves because we all know what hype normally means, lack of a game instead.

  8. Well they started a WWII fps franchise with EA, then another WWII fps franchise with activision… so I’m expecting yet another WWII fps franchise. Besides with FPS’s switching from WWII to modern settings nowadays everybody will want to kill nazis again by the time this game will be ready.

  9. Saying something is a “ killer” is just silly, one of the bits of marketing hype I really dislike. Just let it be it’s own thing, and see if people make the comparison by themselves.

    • I suppose it has its place (somewhat). Thing is, MW2 has incredible sales. Halo has incredible sales for an exclusive platform. Personally, and as someone who can’t be bothered with either franchise, I feel that Halo is being something different; something better. MW2 is struggling to move on from MW1.

      However, as both juggernaut-sized franchises attempt to progress they now enter the tricky time of alienating their fan-base if they change too much or alienating everyone else by not changing enough.

  10. I don’t really like space shooters, prefer my FPS to be a bit more realistic or modernday. Maybe this will change my mind though.

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