Activision Created “Police State” At IW

It looks like Activision may have been spending too many hours playing their own intense, morally ambiguous Modern Warfare games. With rumours of Infinity Ward employees (allegedly) interrogated in window-less rooms and studio execs going missing like something out of a Tom Clancy novel, an updated lawsuit filed by the developer goes so far as to claim how the publisher created a “police state” at the developer.

Like most police states, bonuses are a hot topic. Though 40% of the promised incentives have now been paid by the publisher to Infinity Ward, it’s claimed that the rest is still being dangled like a carrot, connected to the completion of the inevitable Modern Warfare 3. A timescale has also been stated, the lawsuit claiming the studio have until “November 2011” to produce the modern goods or face the prospect of “getting disappeared*”. Call us crazy, but we can’t see the game making an appearance in less than eighteen months time – especially considering the studio has hemorrhaged so many staff in the wake of the debacle. (Allegedly.)


Interestingly, Infinity Ward have reduced their punititve damages claim from over half a billion dollars to a lowly $216 million. If we were Activision we’d just hold out and wait for them to revise that amount again. Fast forward a month or two and we’re pretty sure Infinity Ward would settle for the return of their collective souls and unaccompanied access to the bathrooms again.

*Or more likely not getting their bonuses. Same difference.

Source: Kotaku



  1. Just seems to back up the vibe we’ve all got from the way Activision have conducted themselves (especially when applied to the IW folk).

    I know not every company is a vibrant place to work, with respect for all and a fair attitude to all things business-ee… but Activision should be bloody ashamed of itself.

  2. Activision are acting like the bloody chinese in Tibet.

    • or like the Brits and Yanks in Afghanistan. I agree

  3. You do know that November 2011 isn’t in 6 months time don’t you? ;)

    • I realised that too :P

    • Completely forgot what year I was in there for a moment. Fixed.

      • I dub thee Sir Marty Mcfly. :)

  4. Sounds like Kotick thinks he’s Tom Reed. The power has really gone to his cybernetically inhanced head.

  5. I seems that Activision act like they are the sole owners of the video games industry.
    As a collective people need to stop buying their games. Rent them if you must, but do not buy Activision. Ive been doing this with EA and Activision since the turn of the year and I dont feel Ive missed out on too much. I was guilty of buyin MW2 DLC though (twice,:-( )RDR and Modnation both by other publishers, rented Blur, Transformers and Fifa WC2010.

    • Should that read “…soul owners…”? [ooh my sides!]

      • I see what you did there, thats terrible, you should be ashamed of yourself ;-)
        But if I had thought of it at the time Id have used it LOL!!!

    • I always buy stuff preowned from developers/publishers I have issues with. I still get to play the game, yet they don’t see any of the profit.

  6. You know what? I refuse to support these assholes any more. Anyone agree?

    • Yep! Boycott is on

    • If i knew for certain that al the devs were fully paid for their work by the time their game is published i would consider boycott-ing Activison but that clearly isn’t the case.
      I’m looking forward to the court case and i hope Activision get their arses handed to them.

  7. Just quit, join Respawn Ent and the world will be a better place!

  8. why dont IW make MW3 so crap that no one will ever buy cod again although MW2 was crap and people love it

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