New Xbox Arcade Bundle Coming? is listing a new Xbox 360 4 GB Arcade System Bundle which is apparently due for release on August 20th for €148.99.


We don’t know whether this is for the new style Xbox 360 or not and have asked Microsoft for comments.

More as we get it.

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  1. I’d buy one … really, I have nothing against the Xbox 360. My biggest problem is my PS3 backlog is “sinful” at the moment. I just can’t justify adding more games to that list.

    • really, what games would you buy it for?

    • Let’s not go down this road again!:)

      There are a lot of quality 360 titles I’d like to play. Mass Effect 2 and Fable 2 immediately spring to mind.

      • I’m a long time PS3 owner in the same position…. and I just made the leap to 360 as well because of a great deal (6OG 360 Pro falcon for $100 Canadian straight… he even threw in my choice of games for $5 each, and I grabbed Assassin’s Creed, Dead Rising and Fable II from him).

        My PS3 back log is UNBELIEVABLY shameful. RE5, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Fear II, Heavenly Sword, and the biggest crime of all… Metal Gear Solid 4… all unplayed. (I’ve had MGS4 for years and between GTA4, Oblivion, Fallout 3 & Dragon Age so other hugely engrossing game was always taking precedent)

        Currently I’m waiting to play out the ending of Red Dead Redemption before deciding whether I should either tackle that PS3 back log… or jump into Fable II… Currently I’m staying none committal and puttering with games like Kingdom for Keflings and and trying tons of arcade and demo games on the 360.

        Why does tackling a new game feel like a huge commitment? Am I wired differently from the other gamers here?

      • Well, I’m playing through MGS4 now for the first time. Afterwards I’m going straight into Dead Space. I won’t even mention The Orange Box which is still in the wrapper.

      • Dead Space is on my list of must plays… at some point… much like Uncharted 1 and 2, I’ve played them a little, but don’t own them.. I just keep waiting until I see a gap… probably should just get them anyway.

        Oh and I have the Orange box 2… I’ve played Portal… and that’s it… so I’m not much better

      • How can you only now be playing MGS4?! Best game on PS3 in my opinion. Absolutely stunning.

      • ive not yet completed MGS4, im waiting for the trophy patch….they said be patient and im still waiting….. -.-

  2. 4GB?!

    • Well if It’s designed for Arcade games… I suppose… going from NO gigs to 4 gigs is an improvement… all be it a small one.

      • Just shows you how little I know about Xbox. I can’t even fathom a media device without a harddrive nowadays. And 4gb is nothing!

      • From 512mb actually, but yeah, an improvement. Probably because the 512mb chips are as expensive as the 4gb now, or not being produced etc.

    • my psp has more than that

  3. 4GB seems a pretty poor choice, as its just too small to install games to. I would’ve thought 8GB would be much better, although if the new 360 is quieter, then maybe installing disc games is no longer required.

    • Yes, but then how would they sell the Xbox 360 authorised memory sticks?

  4. Silly question but if this is the new one would it comes with wi-fi and be capable of online multiplayer. If these two are yes then I’d be interested. Not a bad price to get hands on some old cheap 360 games.

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