Nexuiz Powered By CryENGINE 3

Though we’re all eagerly awaiting Crysis 2, we mustn’t forget that the tech powering the graphically striking sequel, CryENGINE 3, is available to purchase by anyone wishing to make a dynamic, visually impressive title. LA based IllFonic is one such developer, with the announcement today that their arena-based downloadable title Nexuiz will be the first title to use Crytek’s new engine.

President of IllFonic, Charles Brungardt, describes their goal:

“IllFonic firmly believes in bringing the consumer the highest quality games at an affordable price through downloadable distribution channels. Switching to CryENGINE 3 has helped us stay true to our vision and build the Nexuiz arenas the way we see it without any limitations. We are incredibly proud that Nexuiz will be the first downloadable title developed on CryENGINE 3.”

Crytek’s Director of CryENGINE Global Business Development, Carl Jones, is also looking forward to the new title:

“Nexuiz is going to deliver a game style that will be a blast for the console audience, matched with the best graphics possible on the consoles. We’re delighted to offer our engine to teams for XBLA and PSN titles so that gamers can enjoy the quality that CryENGINE 3 can provide, as soon as possible.”

Nexuiz is described as “a fast-paced Arena first-person shooter” specifically built for consoles. The title features an innovative “mutator system,” allowing players to rank up, opening up new mutators that grant players the ability to change the very rules of the match they’re playing.

Some back-story from the press release:

“Nexuiz is set in a galactic war fueled for centuries by the Kavussari and Forsellians. Over time the two races entered into treaties with the Herald Accord, a union between different cultures in the galaxy. Even though peace settled across their planets, the seething hatred between the races kept the fire of war simmering under the fragile truce. Sensing their newest members could spread war throughout the galaxy; the Herald Accord gave the Kavussari and Forsellians a choice. Pit their warriors against each other in the arena rather than on the fields of war, or face total annihilation. The Nexuiz was formed, a series of battle arenas on the home planets of the Kavussari, Forsellian and the desolate planet of Atavirta.”

Source: Press release


  1. cool, this sounds pretty good. Heard nothing of it before, but I’m guessing it will look nice if it’s on the new engine.

  2. is this the same as the open source game nexuiz on pc and linux but with better graphics?

  3. Pretty big budget for a downloadable game. This will probably be the main rival of Blacklight: Tango Down. Any word on filesize?

  4. Ah is this that game that you guys sowed screens/artwork of a few months back about area fighting??

    • *showed

      can we have an edit button soon?

  5. Hmm… this sounds strangly similar to Unreal Tournament. In just about every way (except for the races, the engine and being downloadable…)

    • it looks strangly similar to Unreal Tournament its even got a re-skined shock rifle and i saw what looked like a link gun

  6. “CryENGINE 3, is available to purchase by anyone wishing to make a dynamic, visually impressive title”
    Come on Cyan Worlds, get on with the Myst remake/reboot/whatever for PS3/PC & 360.

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