Killzone 3 Gets 4 Player Co-op

FirstPlay, the online, downloadable PlayStation magazine, has confirmed that Guerrilla Games’ upcoming Killzone 3 will feature a 4 player mode.  “We do know that Guerrilla is working on a special objective-based 4-man co-op mode to go with the standard 2-player stuff,” says the preview, according to ThatVideoGameBlog.

So, whilst this doesn’t sound like a full-on four player campaign run, it does sound like the next Killzone will feature something along the lines of Battlefield 2’s Onslaught mode.


Whether or not FirstPlay know anything above and beyond the original story that surfaced back in May (that ‘source’, eh?) is unknown, but let’s hope they’re not recycling rumours. If so, it’s the same one that said “there will be vehicles in the online multiplayer” at the same time as originally leaking the four player information.



  1. The first FPS i’m looking forward to. Should be good.

  2. Onslaught is a rip off anyway. This is going to be huge.

  3. Wow. KZ3 is shaping up to be huge. Move, 3D, massive more varied levels, an improved multiplayer and now this.

    I hope theyre not putting so much into it that they become the jack of all trades master of none so to speak.

    But massively looking forward to it.

    • “Jack of all trades, master of none, though ofttimes better than master of one” Geffray Mynshul

      • Lets hope so.

      • Clever bastard…

      • dont take a genius to use google, and to be honest i thought it went

        Jack of all trades, master of none, though more accomplished than a master of one

  4. I find it really surprising that no games really seem to offer the same level of Co-Op that is availble in Halo. As it is quite an old game I would be expecting KZ3 to eclipse in every sense.

  5. i didnt really like killzone, this changes nothing

    • Same here already sold KZ2, but KZ3 might impress me. Bring on R3!!!

  6. I’m hoping that it will have an offline split-screen multiplayer mode (apologies if that’s mentioned in the video but I have no sound right now so can’t watch it). I miss the days of split-screen multiplayer, if its just the online multiplayer we have now with KZ2 but offline with splitscreen I’ll be happy, just something… Would be lovely.

  7. Shaun White releasing “another skateboarding game” ?? :S

    Also lol at Maggie Thatcher getting owned at the start.

  8. is there a youtube link of this video

  9. Don’t really care tbh. I don’t like co-op, especially if it is separate from the main story

  10. If it’s in any way akin to mw2’s special ops then i’m in. That was fantastic. Would prefer a seperate game with individualised co-op missions to just being able to play through the story together. It worked REALLY well with mw2 so hoping for similar here.

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